Look out for Team Naprous on your TV Screens

 24 Feb 2022by Amy Mundell

From show grounds to suburbia, do you recognize these galloping horses?

Lloyds Bank are back with yet another powerful advert named 'Drumbeat' which features their iconic black horses galloping through scenes of the everyday. Watch it here >>

These horses are no strangers to Carriage Driving, you would have seen them at various events; in 2021 at Ashfields, Royal Windsor and CHIO Aachen driven by Daniel Naprous.

Off the showground, Daniel and his sister Camilla own the Devil's Horsemen, the leading film-industry supplier of horses in Europe. In this latest production for Lloyds Bank, a total of 15 horses were used. We spoke to Daniel to find out more...

"We have been working with Lloyds for a number of years and are proud to say we have worked with them on nearly all their adverts since their 250 year anniversary. They always know what they want - we wait for them to bring their ideas to the table where we get our heads together to work out what can and cannot be done, what will look best and what is feasible for the horses to do.

Out of the 15 horses that feature in the latest advert 10 have been used in my team for competition. The crossover between film and the driving sport I find helps their development."

Four In Hand to Liberty work...

"When they start to work for me they compete, but they also go filming. We start them young to familiarize them with all that goes on in and around film sets. They start off on period productions - not so much excitement of galloping and things but this is where they learn all the traits they need for filming.

Funnily enough, we had already taught them Liberty because it was needed for Game of Thrones! The horse that has the lead role in this advert who comes forward to share that intimate moment with the girl, that's Ludo who was in the wheel of my team last year and you'll see him in the lead this coming season.

From film sets to competitions, I had always been nervous about doing this with my Gelderlanders, but actually I've found it's better to familiarize them with different atmospheres, then when I do take them to big shows it's nothing out of the blue."

Dan competing at Aachen. Photo by Amy Mundell.

Royal Windsor Horse Show. Photo by Amy Mundell