Back / Body Protectors - Notes for Guidance

British Carriagedriving Rulebook
Dress in Marathon and Combined Marathon/Derby

Article 928.2.2

"Athletes and grooms must wear securely fastened protective headgear and a suitable back/body protector on the marathon or Combined Marathon/Derby1. Infringement will incur Elimination. Any athlete / groom who continues on the course without a hard hat or a suitable body/back protector after Elimination, will be disqualified. "

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Notes for Guidance - Article 928.2.2

British Carriagedriving considers that it is the responsibility of each Athlete and their Groom(s) to determine what form of back/body protection is most suitable for them, taking into account the risks inherent in the marathon competition and the characteristics of their turnout including size, shape and experience.

The following are not, however, considered to be suitable and do not comply with the requirement of article 928.2.2:

a. Any back or body protector that has not been certified as being suitable for use in equestrian sports or another sport or activity which, in the opinion of the Athlete/Groom, involves comparable or equivalent risks;

b. An air jacket, unless worn with an additional back/body protector which is suitable.