Safeguarding Equestrian Sport

British Carriagedriving has adopted the British Equestrian "Safeguarding Equestrian Sport" policy, which is available for download (see below).

BC and its Affiliated Clubs are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children, young people and adults at risk.

Whether involved in Competitions or any other Events organised by British Carriagedriving or by Clubs affiliated to British Carriagedriving, including activities such as training and coaching events, courses, assessments and professional development days, all these participants have a right to be safe and protected from harm.

It is important that all Affiliated Clubs read, understand and implement the key principles of safeguarding as set out in the BEF policy. Ideally, all should apply that policy itself as far as they can.

As part of this, they should designate an officer within the club to be the safeguarding lead and notify BC who that is. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. Developments in safeguarding good practice regularly take place and these need to be implemented at club level by awareness and training, including through regular training of all those in the club to varying degrees, depending on the work they do for the club. BC will help keep all nominated safeguarding leads up to date ;
  2. BC can give assistance to the nominated safeguarding lead in the event that there is concern about specific individuals or circumstances.

The British Carriagedriving Safeguarding Lead is:

Suzanna Anslow
Oak Hill,
Littleworth Road,
The Sands,
GU10 1JW


Suzanna covers safeguarding at national and club level and will be happy to discuss any queries regarding referrals, training matters or issue of concerns.

Documents available from British Equestrian Safeguarding: