Downloading and printing files from this website

There are many forms, information sheets, results and event schedules that can be downloaded from this website.

These are all available in the universal PDF (Portable Document Format).

This enables downloaded pages to print out exactly like the original documents, irrespective of the type of computer, printer or web browser you are using.

The PDF format requires suitable reader software installed on your computer to enable you to view and print PDF files. You may already have a PDF reader installed. If you are not sure, CLICK HERE to download a small test document. If it displays on your screen, you already have a suitable reader and you may go ahead and download documents from our website.


If you do not have a PDF reader, you should install the Adobe Acrobat reader. This is the most popular and up to date PDF document software. It can be downloaded from the Adobe website free of charge - CLICK HERE.

Word and Excel Documents

Some forms on this site may also appear as Word Documents or Excel Spreadsheets.

Word and Excel are part of Microsoft Office, which you need to have installed on your computer in order to view and print these files.

Having files in this format will enable you to download a form (for example the National HDT Entry form), fill in your details and re-save it to your computer. This means you do not have to fill in all the information every time you wish to enter an event.



New Microsoft Office file formats

From 2007, Microsoft introduced new file formats for all their Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). These documents use the file name extension .docx and .xlsx All new Office documents are saved in this format.

If you are using Office 2003, Office XP or Office 2000, you will need to download a conversion program in order to be able to open the new document formats. This is available to download for free from Microsoft.

Download the Office 2010 Compatibility pack for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

British Carriagedriving website reference section

The reference section on our website contains much valuable information, not just about carriage driving.

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