BYD Easter Camp 2022

3 May 2022

BYD took to the Unicorn Equestrian Centre once again, following a two-year Covid enforced break, for the Easter Camp sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds.

Two camps ran over the Easter weekend (15th – 18th April) with the 16 to 30-year-old camp first, followed by the 8 to 16-year-old group.

The weekend saw a total of 15 young drivers, including some on-foot who had the opportunity to backstep and drive other turnouts.

Lily French, one of the young drivers who attended the 8 to 16 camp, was asked about her time there:

What did you enjoy most about Easter Camp?

What I enjoyed most about camp was doing obstacles/hazards.

What are your driving plans for the rest of the year and how did Easter Camp help you work towards these?

I plan to compete in the Certius championships at Cricklands and Onley BYD camp and competition. Easter camp helped me to use my voice instead of the whip. In my on-foot lesson I learnt about the tack and insides of a horse. In my homework I was told not to scare my Mum too much and to use my shoulders to turn instead of my whole body.

What was your favourite on foot activity and why?

That would be learning about a horses’ intestines and making it ourselves, we called it fluffy (it was very ugly).

Would you recommend Easter Camp, or other BYD training, to young drivers who have not attended before? Why?

I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone because it can help you learn new things that you may never have heard of. You learn but at the same time you have fun.

BYD would like to thank Sydney and all at the Unicorn Equestrian Trust for hosting us, Mary-Jane Campbell for all of the organisation that went into camp and the trainers: Roger Campbell, Rosanna Freer and Phillipa Howe.

The next BYD training camp will be held at Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre on 28th & 29th July followed by the BYD Championships on 30th & 31st.

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