Dressage test updates

 27 April 2022by British Carriagedriving

Open Pairs classes

Following publication of the dressage tests for 2022, some drivers in the Open Pairs class raised concerns and expressed their wish to drive BC Test 2 as in previous years.

Council discussed these concerns at their recent meeting and agreed that event organisers would be able to offer BC Test 2 or the CAI2* HP2 (v3) for Open Pairs classes. This option will not apply for Ashfields due to the time frame, but all other events will be able to offer either test or a choice of test.

The class will not be split and the choice of test driven will not affect qualification for the National Championships.

Please check the event schedules on the BC website for updates of the tests offered.

Tandem classes

The new BC Tandem Test, recently introduced for the Horse Tandem Class, will not be extended to the pony class this year. This decision will be reconsidered for 2023.

BC sent an email inviting comments from the pony tandem drivers, but the response was very low. Some events will continue to offer the option of driving the new test to pony tandems.

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