Lucy Scott finishes on top in International debut

 18 April 2022

Horse Driving Kronenberg boasted almost 180 competitors, eight of which were representing Great Britain.

Congratulations to Lucy Scott in her international debut, who finished on top in the CAI2* Single Pony class, driving Tricklebank Maestro. A strong dressage test put them at the right end of the standings. She consolidated this performance with a safe cones round which moved them up into first.

As we have witnessed at home, Lucy knows how to take the brakes off in the obstacles and thatís what she did! Winning four out of the six obstacles was more than enough to win the marathon comfortably and secure her first international CAI2* victory.

It was fantastic to see so many drivers abroad flying the flag for Great Britain.

Three of our Single Horse Squad were in Kronenberg to gain international experience competing against others who also had the 2022 World Championships on their radar.

Harriet Bradford, Mike Hodgson and Tara Wilkinson were all extremely proud of their horsesí performances. It was unfortunate that Tara was eliminated due to a rule misunderstanding - this is a lesson to be learnt, do make sure you are aware of the new FEI Driving rules!

Final results for British drivers::

CAI3* Single Horse: Harriet Bradford 21st, Michael Hodgson 27th, Tara Wilkinson EL

CAI3* Horse Pairs: Nicola Pimbblet-Quayle 16th, Owen Pilling 21st

CAI3* Pony Pairs: Averina Snow 13th

CAI2* Single Pony: Lucy Scott 1st, Robert Buck 7th

Full results

Kronenberg (NED) CAI 2* & 3*