FEI Driving European Championship
for Young Drivers, Juniors & Children

Selestat (FRA)     25 - 29 August 2021

 CH-EU-Ch-A P1 
Class: Children (12-14 years)

Isabelle Brunner

Isabelle (a.k.a. Iz, aged 13, from Kent) has been involved with family riding and driving from a young age. The family Shetland and Welsh ponies, as well as close family links with the Howe family, meant she had little choice but to ride and drive!

She has been very fortunate to have a wide variety of ponies and horses to ride and drive and also gained valuable experience spending time on driving yards and at Regional and National events.

She has competed at club events both indoor and outdoor and attended the very popular British Young Drivers camps. Her progress was slightly limited by Covid restrictions just as she was ready to compete at a higher level.

Events have been running again this year and Iz has started with Synod Master Ben (aka Ben), a 14 year old Welsh Section A gelding who, despite his quirks, seems to be enjoying the new pressures put upon him, most recently winning the prize for the best cones performance overall at the British Young Drivers Championships.

Ben is owned by Iz’s mother Anna who will groom for Iz in all three phases of the Championships when she competes in the Children 12-14 years class.

Iz says, “The experience and support shown by BC and all the BYD team has been phenomenal in such unpredictable times with changing venues and guidelines but we will endeavour to embrace the opportunity and learn as much as possible from the process”.

Photo: Sara Jane Hayes

Phoebe Matthews

Phoebe (aged 13 from Berkshire) started driving competitively aged 8 in indoor competitions and then went on to drive outdoors at 10 years of age.

She says, “My father, David Matthews, drives nationally and internationally with a horse pair and this is what encouraged me to start driving.”

Initially her dad would groom for her on the marathon and her mum would groom for dressage and cones, but two friends now fulfil these roles: Amy Mundell for dressage and cones and Clare Campbell on the marathon.

Phoebe drives Sianwood Anthem, (aka Woody) in the Children Single Pony class. He is a 13 year old Welsh Section B gelding, owned by her parents.

They already have a string of successes to their name which include, winning the club novice pony at Sandringham in 2019, the Young Driver class at Ashfields in 2020 and 2021 (where she achieved the lowest dressage score of the whole competition) and the British Young Drivers Championship in 2021 at Onley.

Keep up with Phoebe’s progress on Facebook where she posts as Team Matthews.

Photo: Amy Mundell

 CH-EU-J-A P1 
Class: Junior (14-18 years)

Amy Matthews

15 year old Amy from Berkshire drives her pony Spunky Spud (usually just called Spud) in the Junior Single Pony class. Spud is a 16 year old gelding, owned by Amy’s parents, and already has numerous wins to his name including first in 2019 and second this year at the Young Driver Championships and a win at Ashfields in 2020.

Amy started driving indoors in 2017. Initially Spud didn’t really enjoy driving and, at the time, Amy was also show jumping him competitively with good results, so she gave him a break from driving. However, a couple of years later she wanted to compete at the Young Driver Championships so back into the carriage he went.

Amy says, “He now loves the outdoor events, especially obstacles and cones, but still isn’t too keen on the dressage phase.” Initially her mum and dad (David Matthews, the very experienced international driver) groomed for her, but more recently Amy Mundell and Clare Campbell have been on the back step.

At the European Youth Championships, as Clare is unable to go round the marathon with both Amy and her sister Phoebe, her dad will groom for her.

Look out for social media updates on Facebook with Team Matthews.

Photo: Amy Mundell

Sophia Routledge

15 year old Sophia from Kent has been driving for five years but only started competing in outdoor events two years ago. She will be contesting the Junior class at the European Youth Championships with her 14.2hh 15 year old Hackney gelding, The Wee Man (aka Sid), who is owned by her aunt, Anna Grayston.

Anna, who has a wealth of international experience, will also be backstepping for Sophia. Sophia says, “I kept my riding pony at the same yard as Auntie Anna’s driving ponies, so I guess it was inevitable that at some point I was going to give driving a go. It started with back stepping for Auntie Anna when she was exercising and then went from there.”

Sophia feels really luck to have Anna as her aunt who has helped her from the start with lessons, exercising and backstepping, although Sophia returns the backstepping favour. She also enjoys her lessons with Sara Howe.

Sophia’s first driving pony was Peppa, an 11.2hh Dartmoor hill pony and the best starter kit she could have wished for. Sophia says, “we went from gently trotting round an indoor obstacle to cantering at speed. It was with Peppa that I was Junior Indoor National Champion in 2019. He took me round my first outdoor event at The Glebe in the summer of 2019 and then I was hooked.”

Dev followed Peppa who was too small to compete outdoors but, following an injury just as they were really getting going, Anna offered her Sid to drive. Having never driven him before, at her first indoor event she achieved the only double clear of the day, and they’ve been competing together ever since.

Sid and Peppa are best friends but If they are out in the field together they are impossible to catch without being herded into their stables. Sophia feels Sid is quite sensitive but very loving and will do most things for a polo – expect being caught at times.

She says, “I am really excited to be going with the British Junior Team to the European Youth Championships in Selestat, my first international competition. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to prepare for this event and wish everyone on the team ‘Good Luck’.”

Class: Young Driver (16-21 years)

Harriet McEntee

Harriet started driving in 2018 after years of competing on the British Dressage Young Riders team and Pony Club. She decided to start driving due to difficulties with her back and carriage driving was a sport to which her granddad dedicated his life. She originally wanted to show and do private driving, but her trainer Sara Howe convinced her to take up driving trials; Harriet says, “I’ve never looked back”.

She competed with her first pony Archie in indoor driving and attended the 2019 Keysoe Indoor Championships. Her groom Sarah Wallis has been with her since the very beginning, with this combination competing indoors and even at her first outdoor event at Windsor Park.

16 year old Harriet from Kent will be competing at the European Youth Championships with Maverick71, a Westfalen gelding and an experienced pony at the age of 24, who is owned by Mary Jane Campbell and Jacqueline Walther. This year they finished as national champions in Class B at the Young Driver Championships, and also have wins at the Regional events at Glebe House and Windsor Park.

Harriet’s mother, Kelly, will groom for her in the dressage and cones phases of the event with Sarah backstepping on the marathon.

Keep up with Harriet’s progress on Facebook by following “ Harriet McEntee Carriage Driving ” or on Instagram harrietmcentee.cd

Photo: Jane Wilson

Harvey Clegram-Brown

Harvey form from Newcastle upon Tyne is 17 years old. He started driving at the age of 10 and picked up the sport from his father who has competed internationally for many years.

Harvey’s dad, Geoff Brown, encouraged him to start driving and follow in his footsteps.

Harvey has Tara Wilkinson as his trainer and backstepper, a partnership which has been working well for 3 years and is supported by Equine Products Uk LTD.

Bariton (aka John), a 15 year old KWPN gelding, is Harvey’s horse for the championships. They have had considerable success so far with wins at Hopetoun and Sandringham and winning the Harness Stuff Intermediate Horse Driver of the Year points league in 2019.

Keep up to date with Harvey’s progress through Facebook where he posts as “Harvey Brown”.

Photo: Amy Mundell

Katherine Cameron

Katie is 17 years old and has by far the longest journey to events. She lives near Fort William and every event starts with a ferry journey; that’s commitment! Katie has been driving for around 10yrs and took up driving after having a riding accident.

She back stepped for her mother for a number of years before taking up the reins herself. She now drives her mother’s traditional coloured cob Jim Bob (usually just called Jim), a 12 year old gelding, and they have been growing into a successful team. They have spent the summer between Seaciff stables and Steepleton Farm developing their skills.

Katie says, “Huge thanks to Carol Boswell and Robert Buck who have been the backbone of my (and Jim’s) success”. Katie’s strongest phase at present is dressage where she had excellent results this year, with best dressage scores at both the Seacliff event and the young Driver Championships at Onley.

Katie has support from Broadland Property, who are assisting her reach her first international championship event. At the event, her mother, Claire, will be on the carriage for dressage and cones while Phillipa Scott will backstep for her on the marathon.

Keep up with Katie’s international journey on Facebook where she posts as Katie Cameron or on Instagram as bob.the.cob.

Megan Wheeldon

20 year old Megan from Derbyshire, started driving in 2008 at the age of 7 with her Exmoor pony, Skippy, after being a member of the Meynell Hunt Pony Club since she was 4. Her mum, Tracey, was a keen backstepper and driver prior to this, which is how Megan was introduced to the sport.

After attending a ‘Try Driving’ day at Bennington Carriages with Amanda Saville, Megan joined the British Young Drivers and has attended training with the group ever since. Megan also joined Midlands Carriagedriving, who have been very supportive throughout her driving career.

Megan has had considerable success in her driving career with numerous wins including British Young Drivers National Champion in 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2021, the Intermediate Pony National Championship in 2016 and the Carriage Driving Awards Young Sports Personality of the year in 2020.

The 2021 European Championships will be Megan’s fifth time representing Great Britain after competing in Austria (2012), Poland (2014), Germany (2016) and Hungary (2018). At this year’s European Youth Championships, Megan will be driving Synod Red Baron (aka Red), a 14 year old Welsh Section C gelding, who she has been driving since December 2020.

Photo: Emrys Jones

  • Chef d'Equipe - Mary Jane Campbell
  • Assistant Chef d'Equipe - Jo Alvis
  • Team Trainers - Roger Campbell and Sara Howe
  • Vet - Tony Collins