BC Safety Clinic

21 April 2021

A Safety Clinic, aimed at all Club and National event organisers and officials, will be held on Saturday 8th May from 3-5pm. This will be an on-line meeting via Zoom.

The clinic is being presented by John Woollacott, an experienced Safety Officer and member of the BC Safety Committee, who has officiated at many national events.

If you wish to attend the clinic, please sign up via the Members Login. Club members can sign up without being a BC member.

A Zoom link to the clinic is published on the event page (which can be accessed when you log in) and will be emailed to delegates who have signed up on Thursday 6th May.


If you have any difficulty with the sign up process, please contact the BC office email@britishcarriagedriving.co.uk or Tel. 07494 876814.

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