Terry Chambers

Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club
14 January 2021

It is with great sadness we share the news that Terry Chambers has passed away after a hard-fought battle against COVID-19.

Terry passed away on the 12th of January 2021, leaving a huge hole in the hearts of the driving world.

Terry had the vision to create the best driving facilities in the country and where many of you all enjoyed the ambiance and friendships that Ashfields created.

In 2003 Terry he saw an opportunity and bought Ashfields, with the vision to turn it into the state-of-the-art equestrian centre that you see today, with Wilf and Zoe and their passion for the sport of Carriage driving trials, he took the opportunity to create a Mecca to Carriage driving, and grew the centre's facilities that so many drivers have been able enjoy over the years.

It takes an extraordinary visionary to not only be able to see potential in a property but to be able to have the patience and ability to build and maintain such a vision, and for it to be available to such a cross section of people to enjoy.

For example, one morning Terry opened his curtain to be faced with 300 plus caravans and over 1000 excited dogs all getting ready for a weekend of dog agility, (as quite a few of you might know, his passion for dogs was not as deep as for his horses)!

One of Terry’s main passions was coaching, which he has done for many years competing at country shows, though in the latter years of his coaching his main passion was taking his Road Coach out with his friends for a Sunday drive visiting a number of hostelry’s on the way. Before leaving the stables Lou would programme the Team Horses' Sat Nav to bring them all safely home.

He was a Coaching club member and relished his Coaching club drives, the Magazine meet and Royal Windsor where big days, annually booked into his diary as well as hosting glorious meets at Ashfields.

The Social side of driving was hugely important to Terry and he was always on the terrace catching up with old friends and holding court.

He was proud of the Ashfields centre and loved to see everyone enjoying the superb facilities. One of the things that would make him chuckle was when people would stop to ask the gardener directions, or if he could turn off the mower or move that old tractor so they could get past. Little did they know that under the recognisable straw hat the man was in fact Terry.

Terry was a great family man and is already a huge loss to his family, Dulcie, Ben, Ruby and Lisa, as well as his 13 grandchildren and all of the Ashfields family.