Coronavirus / COVID-19 guidance

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British Equestrian Covid restrictions update

Issued: 20 December 2020

COVID-19: The Nations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will all have tightening of COVID-19 restrictions, either with immediate effect or in the coming days, so members of equestrian industry are urged to familiarise themselves with the changes.

Download: BEF Covid restrictions Phase Three guidelines  PDF


Update - 21 December 2020

Following the First Minister's announcement on 19 December, all of mainland Scotland will enter Level 4 on 26th December at 00.01.

Within Level 4, non contact sport, including most equestrian activity, can continue outdoors (including within covered arenas). However, travel restrictions mean this can only be undertaken within your own Local Authority area.

Across all levels, coaches can continue to travel for work purposes and travel can be undertaken to care for animals on welfare grounds.

Update - 17 December 2020

Following the First Minister's announcement on 15 December, there are no changes to our Equestrian Guidance but there are to be changes to three Local Authority levels - Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and East Lothian - effective from 6pm on Friday 18th December, all three will move to Level 3.

The First Minister also confirmed that there will now be a further review on Tuesday 22nd December.

Our infographic and guidance provides detail for equestrian participants, coaches and businesses. These documents are attached.

Issued - 30th November 2020

Scottish Government has introduced a new strategic framework document for managing COVID-19 which will become effective from 2 November 2020. This provides a 5-Level approach to restrictions with each local authority area (or sub-area) placed in a relevant protection level depending upon its COVID-19 status which will be reviewed weekly.

Member Bodies, Venues, clubs and participants should be aware of their local area protection level and associated restrictions which may be in place and should consider this as part of risk assessment planning. Broad guidance for sporting activity which should be followed within each Level is set out in Table A below.

The Government updated Strategic Framework can be found here:

Your Local Authority Level can be found here:

Download: COVID-19 Phase Three guidelines  PDF

Download: horsescotland guidance infographic   PDF


BEF update: Activity in England post-lockdown

26 November 2020

The government announced details of the revised three tier alert system for England earlier today and which areas would fall into each tier. The positive news is that equestrian activity can largely continue, within number and setting restrictions based on the area’s tier level. Current lockdown restrictions remain in place until 00.01 on Wednesday 2 December and should be followed until then.

Download: Tier system in England post-lockdown  PDF

24 November 2020

Within the revised guidance below, there are a couple of updates from the Scottish Government this week, particularly around Level 4 areas:

1. Participants can now travel around 5 miles from a Level 4 Local Authority boundary to undertake outdoor non-contact sport and exercise for adults and under 18's. Please note this is from your home Local Authority area, not from where you horse is kept (if it is in a different Local Authority area).

2. Locker rooms, tack rooms, toilets and other necessary ancillary areas can be open with the appropriate hygiene and physical distancing risk assessments and mitigating measures in place.

Additionally, we have added to the guidance, a Local Authority contact list compiled by Scottish Government in association with BHS Scotland. This is a very useful document and should be used to obtain specific advice from your Local Authority EHO/Covid Officer.

Download: COVID-19 Phase Three guidelines  PDF

Coronavirus - National Restrictions in England
13 November 2020

BEF update: DEFRA clarification

We received an update late on Thursday from Defra and DCMS via the British Horse Council and British Horse Society following our combined request for clarification on the recent legislation concerning the National Restrictions now in force across England and how they impact on the training in the equestrian community.

Download: BEF update - DEFRA clarification  PDF