Keith and Pauline Jones

16 June 2020

The sad and untimely deaths occurred recently of Keith and Pauline Jones.

Keith and Pauline have been long time much respected and loved driving trials stewards. They first became involved in the sport through Joe Moore, a past Chairman of BHDTA, acting as grooms on his coach at Coaching Club meets, and then made contact with the Windsor Park Driving Club. After the Rotten Row Tercentenary Drive in 1990, they became more involved with driving trials.

Keith, because of his past experiences with motorbikes and quads, found his niche collecting scores and message carrying at events. His duties then developed into course building, working with Tish Roberts in the early days and latterly with Derek Holah.

Pauline, always the height of fashion, developed the skills of dressage writer particularly with Diana Brownlie. Over time she became a starter of section A, where everyone had to follow instructions.

In the early days both were involved with the “Supporters Group”, always being part of “Wrinkly Row”.

Their sad passing has left many of us in shock with a large hole in our lives.

Please raise a glass in memory.

Sam and Sue Marriott (H.D.T. Stewards 1989/2009)