Coronavirus update
19 May 2020

by British Carriagedriving

Further to the Prime Minister’s recent announcement and the subsequent release of the Government’s strategy document and various guidance documents, British Carriagedriving Council would like to update members on the position in relation to driving.

As part of the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, those that reside in England can now go outside more than once a day for exercise, either alone, with members of their household, or with one person from outside their household. Anyone doing so must continue to follow social distancing guidelines.

Outdoor sports and physical activities are permitted, while people can also leave their homes to visit a public open space for the purposes of open-air recreation to promote their physical or mental health, or emotional well-being.

For BC members residing in England, this means drivers can now drive, ride and exercise their horses, where it is safe to do so, either on your own, with members of your own household, or with a maximum of one other person. If your horse is kept in livery this includes travelling to where your horse is kept, provided this is permitted by the proprietor. It also includes transporting your horse for exercise elsewhere or for one to one lessons held outdoors. It also means that coaches are permitted to travel to provide one to one lessons (outdoors).

Everyone should adhere to the government regulations on social distancing, public health and hygiene, with coaches and venues advised to conduct full risk assessments before undertaking any activity, as well as checking that they have adequate insurance cover with their provider.

For members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the advice to stay at home remains in place, including restrictions on travel. Therefore driving activity should be within the premises where the horse is kept.

All BC members who are driving or exercising their horses should maintain vigilance and respect these social distancing, personal health and hygiene measures:

  • Do not leave the house if you’re feeling unwell; self-isolate if necessary
  • Remain shielded at home if you are in the ‘at risk’ categories
  • Maintain social distancing and keep two metres apart from others at all times. If you are having lessons this means that your coach must not be on the carriage with you
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap or use hand sanitiser / wipes as an alternative
  • Use your own harness and equipment and avoid sharing with others
  • Any shared equipment should be rigorously cleaned with antibacterial spray/wipes
  • Clean/wipe any common touchpoint surfaces regularly, such as gates, door handles etc.
  • Use online booking and payment methods to minimise unnecessary contact with others
  • Conduct risk assessments, check insurance cover and maintain first aid provision, where applicable.


BEF Statement - use of outdoor facilities.
Issued 12 May 2020

BEF Coronavirus update
Issued: 28 April 2020


We are updating the event listings and diary pages as soon as we are notified by the organisers of any cancellations.


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