British Carriagedriving Yearbook

The Carriagedriving Yearbook is published at the start of the competition season and sent to all members with their membership cards.

The 100-page Yearbook contains a wealth of information, invaluable for any competing driver.

The main section of the Yearbook has detailed information and schedules of all the National and Regional Horse Driving Trials due to take place in Britain in the forthcoming season.

Other information in the yearbook includes:

  • Contact details for affiliated Driving Clubs

  • British Carriagedriving Council, committees and working groups

  • UKCC qualified driving coaches

  • Carriage maintenance hints and tips

The colourful publication also includes pictures of all the National Champions, Drivers of the Year and trophy presentations from the previous season.

To obtain a copy of the yearbook, you must become a member of British Carriagedriving. Please click on MEMBERSHIP for further details.