British Carriagedriving
Members' Insurance Cover
There are two separate types of insurance cover available for BC members.
Personal liability insurance is included with most categories of membership and
personal accident insurance is an optional opt-in scheme.


Personal Liability


All BC Members in the Full, International and Associate categories are automatically insured for personal liability in respect of their personal equestrian related activities, provided that they are normally resident in the United Kingdom or Irish Republic.

It gives you 365 days/year cover for yourself, plus any liabilities incurred by any grooms/backsteppers at events.

Who is insured?

As an individual BC member in the International, Full or Associate membership categories, you are automatically insured for personal liability in respect of your own personal equestrian related activities, provided that you are normally domiciled in the United Kingdom or Irish Republic.  Business activities need separate insurance. Young persons (aged 8 years or over) who are not Members are covered whilst attending BC Junior Clinics, Summer Camps and Junior Championships only.

The policy also covers another person who is riding or driving your horse with your permission, provided they have no other insurance. If your horse is kept at livery or is loaned to someone else and used for non-business purposes you are still covered.

If a parent or guardian of a Member is sued as a result of an action by their child, the policy provides cover for the parent or guardian.

*Cover is included with International, Full or Associate membership of BC.

What is covered?

If an incident occurs which involves bodily injury to another person (called the third party) or loss of or damage to their property, the aggrieved person may well decide to claim against you for damages. Providing they can prove that you were legally liable (which generally involves you having been negligent) then the policy will pay for such damages as have been awarded by a Court of Law - in practice the majority of cases are settled "out of court".

The policy will pay damages up to 30,000,000 for any one claim and the number of claims is unlimited. It also pays all costs incurred with the consent of Underwriters in defending the claim.

If it is decided that you are not liable at law (even if you feel a moral responsibility) then the third party is not entitled to receive any damages, however your legal costs are still paid by the policy.

It should be stressed that many Members will have other insurances such as a household or livestock policy which will also cover personal liability.  If that is the case, the other Insurers will be asked to settle or contribute towards the claim, which helps keep down the cost of the BC policy - please co-operate with Howden UK Group Limited in providing details of your other policies.

The BC policy covers incidents in connection with the use/ownership of a horse or pony worldwide and includes the liability of one Member subscriber to another.


All insurance policies contain exclusions (circumstances in which you will not be covered); the main ones on this policy are:

  1. Claims against you by members of your family or anyone in your employ.
  2. Property in your care, custody or control (e.g. if you have a horse on loan and the horse is injured, the resultant costs are not insured).
  3. Any business or profession (the policy does not exclude instruction if no payment is received other than expenses).
  4. Horse racing, point to point racing or steeplechasing.
  5. The use of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle for hire or reward.
  6. The first 500 of each and every claim for loss of or damage to property.

The insurance is subject to the full terms, exceptions and conditions of the policy - a full policy summary is available on request from British Carriagedriving.


Personal Accident


Personal accident insurance is available as a separate opt-in scheme, which any member can join.

This new scheme offers more extensive benefits, but on an opt-in basis. Members who want the new cover will, therefore, need to purchase this cover individually.

A dedicated website has been set up specifically to enable you join the scheme. British Carriagedriving urge you all to look at the cover available and give serious consideration purchasing this extended cover.

Please go to:

Please note, if you haven't visited this site before, you will need to register and set up an account before you can retrieve a quotation.

In addition to the Personal Accident insurance, which offers an excellent level of cover for training events and competitions, BC members and members of Affiliated clubs are able to access an exclusive discount off their 24 hour Personal Accident equestrian policies.

KBIS are offering a 5% discount for all members on provision of a membership number (or other proof of membership).

This policy gives different options and you can pick and choose the levels you require. This is a worldwide policy for equestrian activities. The benefits provided by these policies are greatly enhanced from the levels of cover previously included with BC membership and we would encourage drivers to consider the advantages of having this cover.

For further details, and to discuss your requirements, contact KBIS directly on 0345 2302323 and select the option for personal accident. Tell the contact that you are a member of British Carriagedriving and this will entitle you to the 5% discount.