Representing Britain
A guide to competing at FEI International events

The British Carriagedriving International Handbook

The International handbook has been compiled for the guidance of competitors who are travelling abroad to compete at FEI International competitions or World Championships. It features a useful checklist and much essential information.

The most up to date information is available on this page. A hard copy of the handbook can also be downloaded as a PDF document: International Handbook PDF (Updated: May 2018)

A number of international events extend invitations to British drivers.
If you wish to compete at any of these events, please follow the guidelines below.
PLEASE NOTE: To compete at FEI International events (CAI 2* or CAI 3*) you must be on the international competitor list in the appropriate * category. Drivers and horses must also be registered with the FEI for the current year. See below for more information.

CAI = Concours d'Attelage Internationaux
= 1 star event
= 2 star event
= 3 star event
= Children
= Juniors
= Young drivers
= Para equestrian
  H = horses
P = ponies
YH=Young horse
4 = Four in hand
2 = Pairs
1 = Singles
= Championnat Mondial
= Championnat Europeen
= World Cup Driving
= World Cup qualifier

To find out which international events are taking place and get the event schedule, please go to the FEI International events calendar .

Search for "Driving" in the Discipline box.

This will list all FEI driving events taking place. Clicking on the name of the event will enable you to get further information and download the schedule.

Download the schedule and read it carefully.

Please note particularly the closing date for entries which must be strictly adhered to. Your FEI horse and driver registrations must be up to date for the current year to enable the system to accept your entry.



In order to be allowed to compete at International level (FEI CAI 2* or CAI 3* events) competitors must achieve a certain level of competence and be on the appropriate FEI star rating list. Please refer to the British Carriagedriving Rule Book, Annex 16, 4.9.

Contact the British Carriagedriving office   for further information on international qualification if required.

Entries for FEI International events must be done using the FEI entry system. This is done for all competitors via British Carriagedriving. Please complete the on-line International entry form.
FEI Badge of Honour

The FEI Badge of Honour is awarded to Athletes who complete all three competition phases (without retirement, disqualification or elimination) at a World or Continental Championships (including FEI Youth Championships) to the following scale:

a) A Gold badge for six completions
b) A Silver badge for four completions
c) A bronze badge for two completions

(see: FEI Rule Book Annex 9)

Possession of one of these badges confers certain privileges on the athlete. A full description of the privileges is detailed in Article 132 of the FEI General Regulations .

If you are eligible and wish to obtain one of these badges, please send the BC office a list of the events at which you competed; include the year in which the event took place and your placing.

Drivers who represented Britain at World Championships


Team GBR Selection

If you would like to become a member of Team GBR and represent Britain at a World Championship, you will need to take part in the selection process, which involves competing at a number of selection events. Please see the POINTS TABLES which show you the events that will be used for selection in the forthcoming season.

Before the selection process starts, you must complete and submit the selection form and payment via the Members Login option on the website. Forms are available in the Shop section (there's a quick link to the FEI forms). Payment can be made by card or bank transfer via the website.


All competitors, as well as their horses or ponies taking part in International FEI classes at Horse Driving Trials, require to be registered with the FEI annually. Please see our guidelines on FEI Horse and Driver Registration and ensure that your registration is up to date. You must allow plenty of time for the registration process before the entries closing date of your event.

Finding your driver or horse registration number
If you wish to check the FEI records for your registration number, please go to the pages linked below. All you need to do is enter your name in the "Family name" box or your horse's name in the "Name" box. This will show you the details for current as well as past registrations.


Any driver or animal which does not have valid and up to date FEI registration and a valid FEI horse passport will NOT be able to enter an international competition.


All horses competing at FEI competitions must have a valid FEI Horse Passport. This is NOT the same as the British horse passport issued by DEFRA. FEI passports last for 4 years and must be applied for or re-newed through the British Carriagedriving office. If your horse does not have an FEI passport, please download the FEI Passport application form. If your horse's passport is out of date, please download the FEI Passport Renewal  Form. Remember that the passport application/re-newal procedure can take several weeks, so apply in plenty of time. An additional fee will be charged for express applications. For more information, read our Horse Passports page.

Passport diagrams

For anyone competing internationally, please ensure that you have the diagrams filled in and signed by your vet. With the increase in micro chipping, some vets are leaving this section blank, however the FEI expects this section to be completed fully. The FEI officials may prevent you from competing and may issue a fine. The FEI introduced new rules regarding documented evidence of equine identity in 2016, but some officials are extending this to older passports too. Please be safe and have these pages in your passport completed to avoid disappointment at an event.

All horses registered with the FEI must be microchipped with a microchip compatible with ISO 11784 and ISO 11785. All microchip information must also be entered into the Horse's passport.

If international events are oversubscribed, the Chef d'Equipe for that class will allocate places. They will balance the need to give people experience with the need of long listed drivers to compete internationally and achieve qualifying scores. To assist with the process of submitting entries to International Events, it is helpful if you can indicate your intention to enter well before the Definite Entry date.

Before the closing date for Definite Entries, you must have submitted the International entry form to British Carriagedriving. Competitors entering the Single Horse class may list 2 horses, with 4 horses permitted for a Pair entry and 6 horses for a Four-in-Hand.

You will be responsible for paying your entry fees, as well as the cost of any stabling, feed, bedding, electricity, accommodation and any other costs associated with you being at the competition. The event schedule will give you information on how this payment should be made. Some events let you pay on arrival at the showfield, others may require payment in advance. Consult the schedule or email the event organiser to find out what to do. British Carriagedriving will not be responsible for any outstanding charges.

Remember to check the schedule for any penalty incurred by a late withdrawal after the closing date for Definite Entries. If you are unable to compete, the event organising committee may still charge you an entry fee, stabling or other costs incurred.


All competitors must comply with the FEI General Regulations and the FEI Rules for Combined Driving Events. Copies of both rule books are available to download. Visit our RULES page.

Please note the need to check the schedule and confirm which test the Organising Committee expects you to be driving at any foreign events. The FEI has more than one test per class so please check which one you need to practise.

All horses wishing to compete at an FEI competition must provide proof of an Equine Influenza vaccination which is up to date and in accordance with the FEI Veterinary Regulations. More information is on our Equine Influenza Vaccination page.

The Equine herpes virus EHV1 and EHV4 can have serious performance consequences. You should be aware of the increased risk to travelling horses, in particular in Europe. Competitors should consider taking advice from your home vet regarding vaccination if you have not already done so.

It may also be prudent to discuss vaccination for West Nile virus if you are intending to compete in Europe on a regular basis.

A guidance for drivers and a Medication Logbook is also available from our website. Please read these regulations carefully. The FEI will impose a minimum 2 year ban on anyone found using prohibited substances. More information.

Detailed information on prohibited substances and the rules and regulations can be obtained from the FEI Clean Sport website.

It is compulsory under FEI rules for the driver and grooms to wear back/body protectors during the marathon phase of competition at all International events.

You will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements and paying for the cost. Some events allow you to claim travel expenses. Details of how to do so will be given in the schedule.

For detailed guidance on travel outside the UK, please go to the Travel & Transport section:

In previous years, British Carriagedriving have negotiated discount rates on P&O Ferries.


We have 2 accounts with P&O, depending whether you have a GB number plate or a European number plate.

If you have a GB number plate, use Account 111646. It is a cash account which can either be booked and paid for in advance, or booked and paid for at the port. See the P&O website for the sailing schedule: www.poferriesfreight.com

To make bookings in advance, possible up to 14 days prior to travel, please call +44 (0)1304 863875 during office hours Mon to Fri 08.00-17.30. Outside these hours, the Dover freight office can be contacted 24hrs a day: Tel. 01304 862539, email: freightops.dover@poferries.com

You will need to quote the account number 111646, the vehicle registration and the vehicle length along with the payment method. Bookings must be prepaid over phone or at the port. If paying at the port, please email vehicle registration number to the relevant freight office prior to arrival so that the vehicle can be authorised under the account.

If you have a European number plate, use Account 111631. The Euro Account can only be booked in Calais and must be paid in Euros. They have a Bunker charge which includes the fuel surcharge and the low sulphur charge. See the P&O website for the sailing schedule: www.poferriesfreight.com

To make bookings in advance, possible up to 14 days prior to travel, please call +44 (0)1304 863875 during office hours Mon to Fri 8.00 - 17.30. Outside these hours the Calais Freight office can be contacted 24hrs a day: Tel +33(0)3 21461020 Email: freighttops.calais@poferries.com

You will need to quote the account number 111631, the vehicle registration and the vehicle length along with the payment method. Bookings must be prepaid over phone or at the port. If paying at the port, please email vehicle registration number to the relevant freight office prior to arrival so that the vehicle can be authorised under the account.