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Travelling abroad

Becoming part of the British Team

The International Handbook

This is a comprehensive guide to entering and competing at FEI International events.

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FEI Events calendar

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FEI Horse and Driver registration

All competitors and horses or ponies taking part in International (FEI) classes, either abroad or in the UK require to be registered with the FEI annually. This being regardless of whether they hold an existing FEI Passport or have already previously competed at International level. The FEI registration is valid for one calendar year (1st January to 31st December). The registration can be made at any point during the year and must be done through British Carriagedriving.

Finding your driver or horse registration number
If you wish to check the FEI records for your registration number, please go to the pages linked below. All you need to do is enter your name in the "Family name" box or your horse's name in the "Name" box. This will show you the details for current as well as past registrations.


Any driver or animal which does not have valid and up to date FEI registration and a valid FEI horse passport will NOT be able to enter an international competition.

The FEI HorseApp

Anyone competing at FEI events should be using the FEI HorseApp. This helps you manage your FEI-registered horses, including traceability features and monitoring of horse health at FEI events. The app can be used on phones or tablets and can be downloaded from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store. Information on how to set up and use the HorseApp is available from British Equestrian


PLEASE NOTE: To compete at FEI International events (CAI 2* or CAI 3*) you must be on the international competitor list in the appropriate * category. Drivers and horses must be registered with the FEI for the current year. See the handbook for more information.

Travel and Transport

Guidance and help with travelling to events in the UK and abroad. Essential Brexit information.


All competitors must comply with the FEI General Regulations and the FEI Rules for Combined Driving Events. Copies of both rule books are available to download. Visit our RULES page.

Please note the need to check the schedule and confirm which test the Organising Committee expects you to be driving at any foreign events. The FEI has more than one test per class so please check which one you need to practise.

All horses wishing to compete at an FEI competition must provide proof of an Equine Influenza vaccination which is up to date and in accordance with the FEI Veterinary Regulations. More information is on our Equine Influenza Vaccination page.

The Equine herpes virus EHV1 and EHV4 can have serious performance consequences. You should be aware of the increased risk to travelling horses, in particular in Europe. Competitors should consider taking advice from your home vet regarding vaccination if you have not already done so.

It may also be prudent to discuss vaccination for West Nile virus if you are intending to compete in Europe on a regular basis.

A guidance for drivers and a Medication Logbook is also available from our website. Please read these regulations carefully. The FEI will impose a minimum 2 year ban on anyone found using prohibited substances. More information.

Detailed information on prohibited substances and the rules and regulations can be obtained from the FEI Clean Sport website.

Representing Britain

FEI Badge of Honour

The FEI Badge of Honour is awarded to Athletes who complete all three competition phases (without retirement, disqualification or elimination) at a World or Continental Championships (including FEI Youth Championships) to the following scale:

a) A Gold badge for six completions
b) A Silver badge for four completions
c) A bronze badge for two completions

(see: FEI Rule Book Annex 9)

Possession of one of these badges confers certain privileges on the athlete. A full description of the privileges is detailed in Article 132 of the FEI General Regulations .

If you are eligible and wish to obtain one of these badges, please send the BC office a list of the events at which you competed; include the year in which the event took place and your placing.


British Equestrian Driving Team Selection

If you would like to become a member of the British Equestrian Driving Team and represent Britain at a World Championship, you will need to take part in the selection process, which involves competing at a number of selection events. Please see the POINTS TABLES which show you the events that will be used for selection in the forthcoming season. Before the selection process starts, you must complete and submit the selection form and payment via the Members Login option on the website. Forms are available in the Shop section (there's a quick link to the FEI forms). Payment can be made by card or bank transfer via the website.



International Teams

Chair: Mary Jane Campbell
Competitor class areas:
Each class has it's own page with information about training and other activities ahead of a forthcoming Championships.

Chef d'Equipe: Marisa Pinnock

Chef d'Equipe: Jane Isaac


Chef d'Equipe: Minta Winn


Chef d'Equipe: Zoe Morgan


Chef d'Equipe: Julie Camm

Chef d'Equipe: Jo Alvis

Forms & Payment
To complete any application form requiring payment, you must login to the members' portal
CAI = Concours d'Attelage Internationaux
= 1 star event
= 2 star event
= 3 star event
= Children
= Juniors
= Young drivers
= Para equestrian

= horses
= ponies
=Young horse

= Four in hand
= Pairs
= Singles
= Championnat Mondial
= Championnat Europeen
= World Cup Driving
= World Cup qualifier