British Carriagedriving dressage tests
These dressage tests are provided by British Carriagedriving for personal use by members. Copies of the tests may not be sold, reproduced or otherwise distributed.
The tests are available to download in PDF format. For each test, there is a dressage marking sheet and a set of movement diagrams.


Single Horse and Pony Dressage tests: BC Novice, BC Test 2, and BC Open Singles have been amended for 2021 with the removal of one-handed movements and the initial halt. This is to bring BC in line with the new FEI Single dressage tests. The scoring will be unaltered, as the number of movements remains the same.

All Pony tests, Single Horse tests at all levels, Open Horse Pairs and all Tandem classes will be run in an 80x40m arena.

There are 2 new FEI dressage tests for Advanced Singles for 2* and 3* in an 80x40m arena which apply to Advanced Single Horse Classes and will apply to the Advanced Single Pony Classes after the 2021 World Championships; the dressage test for Advanced Single Ponies remains the same as 2020 until then.

Horse Fours and Advanced Horse pairs dressage tests remain the same as 2020, with arena size 100mx40m.

COMPETITION CLASSES All tests in 80 x 40 m arena unless stated below
Gateway Gateway Compulsory Shapes (2021)
Pre-Novice BC Pre Novice Test (2008)
Novice BC Novice Test (2021) NEW

Intermediate Singles

Open Pairs


BC Test 2 (2021) NEW
Open Singles BC Open Singles (2021) NEW
Advanced Single Pony FEI Test 3*B HP1
Advanced Pony Pairs FEI Test 3*B HP2
Pony Four-in-Hand FEI Test 3*B HP4
Advanced Single Horse FEI 2* FEI Test CAI-2* HP1
Advanced Single Horse FEI 3* FEI Test CAI-3* HP1
Advanced Horse Pairs FEI Test 3*B HP2 (100 x 40)
Horse Four-in-Hand FEI Test 3*B HP4 (100 x 40)
Young Drivers (Children) FEI Test Ch P1
Young Drivers (Juniors) FEI Test J&YD
Young Drivers (P1, H1, P2) FEI Test J&YD
Young Drivers (P1, H1) FEI Test 3*A HP1
Young Drivers (P2) FEI Test 3*A HP2
Para driving FEI Test PE A


FEI dressage tests
All FEI dressage tests can also be downloaded from the FEI website.
Indoor Driving
Precision & Paces Dressage tests for indoor driving are provided by Indoor Carriagedriving UK and updated annually.


Most tests have two sets of diagrams available:

"A" diagram for competitors
This is the arena as seen by the driver entering at A.

"C" diagram for judges
This is the arena as seen by the judge positioned at C.

Dressage Arena Dimensions and Markers
Dressage Judging Guidelines