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200 CLUB

What is the 200 Club ?

The 200 Club is a prize draw lottery. Its aim is to raise funds to support British Carriagedriving - and as an incentive to join, all members have the chance of winning cash prizes!

Amongst the many things the 200 Club has donated are:

  • a perpetual trophy in memory of Amanda Nisbet, awarded to the fastest overall marathon at the National Championships
  • a timing dongle and stopwatches
  • sets of cones
  • a scoring program licence for stewards training

Members of the club pay £20 per year and are included in at least four prize draws per year.

Prizes for each draw are: £50, £30 and £20. The more people who join, the larger the payouts will be, and the more money we will raise to support British Carriagedriving across the UK.

50% of our annual income will be paid out as prize money.

When are the prize draws held ?
There will be at least four prize draws each year: at Hopetoun, Sandringham, the BC National Championships, and the BC National Conference.
Who can join ?
200 Club membership is open to anyone over 16 with an interest in the sport of Driving Trials.

This includes drivers, grooms, stewards, officials, friends, relatives, anyone is welcome to join. You don't have to be a BC member!

If you're a member of a driving club, please encourage others to join, and spread the word.

It's a win-win situation - the more members we have, the more we can pay out in prizes, and the more money we raise to support our sport.

Who can we contact for more information ?
The 200 Club is run by Louise McCutcheon and is licenced by South Lanarkshire Council.

For further details, please contact Louise at: Springfield Farm, Biggar, ML12 6NP.   

How do I join ?
You can join on-line right now, by completing the 200 Club membership form. You will be able to pay by BACS bank transfer.

Alternatively, you can print the form and send it with a cheque to: British Carriagedriving 200 Club, Springfield Farm, Biggar, ML12 6NP.

If you are sending a cheque and would like us to send an acknowledgement by post, please enclose an SAE. If you provide an email address, we'll confirm your membership by email.

To avoid extra charges and to raise as much money for the sport as possible, unfortunately we cannot accept payments by credit card or Paypal.

Join or re-new for 2021 now !

200 CLUB