Scoring for Driving Trials Events

Driving Program by Philippe Lienart
This is the most widely used program for scoring driving trials.

The software is available to download from Check this website regularly for updates.

The scoring software is free to download and all functions can be used, except for outputting the scores. To enable this, a licence has to be obtained from Philippe Lienart. To get a key code for one competition, go to the website, then click on "driving program" and "ask for a code".

The software can be used freely to set up a competition and input all the parameters, course details and competitor information and to produce start lists for the dressage and marathon phases.

WARNING - this software is very complicated and needs an experienced operator/scorer. The instructions and help files are in French !

Sending live results to the British Carriagedriving website

The Driving Program scoring software can be set up to send the results automatically to the British Carriagedriving website during a competition. This enables "live" results to be published on the web.

The results are sent to a folder on the website called "results" which can be accessed at For major competitions, a link to the results folder will be set up from the front page of the website.

To set up the Scoring Program to send results, you must have an internet connection. At an event, this will normally be via a USB mobile dongle or via an internet-connected mobile phone. The dongle or phone must be connected to the scoring computer by WiFi or USB cable.

Program settings:

These settings and screen shots apply to Driving Windows software Version 2015.15.0.0

From the main screen of the scoring program, select:

  • Email in the menu along the top.

  • Send results to internet sites (half-way down the menu)

  • You can press Ctrl + F1 on the keyboard to get to it quickly.

In the General tab you must complete the appropriate boxes:

  • You must enter a country, e.g. GBR

  • In the Name of the competition enter the location, e.g. Sandringham

  • Make sure the dates are correct.

  • Select Without flags

  • Select HTML + PDF If you have a really poor mobile connection, select only HTML, which will make the update sending a bit faster.

  • Select Auto refresh for the HTML pages

  • Set Refresh interval to 300 (5 minutes). This is how often the page on the recipient's screen will automatically re-load.

  • Do NOT select Results with horses (PDF)

  • Select Only competing horses

  • In the competition phases select only: A, B, A+B, C and A+B+C. If you have defined start times, you can also select Competitors, Start Dressage, Start Marathon and Start Cones.

  • Select Menu

  • Finally, in the bottom box make sure only other FTP server is selected.

In the Results Menu tab you must tick the appropriate boxes:
  • Competitors
  • Dressage
  • Marathon
  • Cones
  • A+B+C
  • A+B or A+C depending whether it's a 2-day or 3-day event (or tick both).


In the Other FTP server tab, set up the following:

  • Name of the FTP server:

  • Login to the FTP server:

  • Password of the FTP server:

To obtain a password for the BC results server, please email the British Carriagedriving website or text or phone 07720 414195.


In the Continuous send tab, set up the following:

  • Interval in minutes between 2 updates: If you have a reasonably good mobile connection, you can set this to something like 10 minutes (or even 5). The program will automatically update the website with results as they are entered into the scoring software.

  • Click the Start button to start the auto-update process. The progress of the sending will be shown in the bottom left corner of the window.

  • A log will be shown in the window, each time an upload is carried out. You can check this from time to time to see that it is working properly.

  • If you get an error message, it is possible that:

You have entered the incorrect username and password for the server. Check the spelling CAREFULLY in the Other FTP server tab.

You have a poor mobile connection, which is dropping out, or have lost connection.

Please see our guide on how to improve a Mobile Connection

In the Filenames tab, you do not need to make any changes.