Resources for Event Organisers
This section contains links to information and downloads for organisers of National, Regional and Affiliated club events. Most documents are in PDF format. CLICK HERE to get help with downloading and printing PDF files.
Club Event organisers should also consult the Club Paperwork section
Event organisation
  Guidelines for Event Officials and Organisers
  Guidelines for organisers of National driving events
  Guidelines for organisers of Regional driving events
  Guidelines for organisers of National Novice Qualifier events
  Dressage judging guidelines - scale of marks
  BC Rulebook
  BC Event Officials - Judges, Technical Delegates, Course Designers, Scorers
  Competition Class Structure and Progression
Event paperwork
  Ground Observers' Instructions
  Obstacle Observers' Instructions
  Hold-up Instructions
  Timekeepers Instructions
  Presentation guidelines
  Dressage test sheets and diagrams
  Order event paperwork - online form to order dressage sheets, green cards, obstacle sheets etc.
  Guide to Safety Advisers and Event Organisers
  Safety pack for large and National events
  Safety pack for small and medium Club events
  Incident report form
  Accident report form
  Serious incident witness form
  Safeguarding equestrian sport
  BC registered event photographers
  Training of Probationary National Technical Delegates
  Training of Probationary National Course Designers