British Carriagedriving

National Championships

Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire


8-10 September 2017

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Qualification Criteria

Drivers competing at National Driving Trials, Regional Driving Trials or Club Novice Qualifier events (for National Novice Championships).

If there are 5 or more competitors in the class, the highest two will qualify, disregarding those already qualified, from the first eight places.

If  there are 1 to 4 in the class - the one highest placed, disregarding those already qualified, from the first six places.

The number of competitors in a class will be taken as the number who started the competition, as shown in the results sheet.

In order to qualify, a competitor must be resident in the UK or Ireland and must complete all three phases of the competition without elimination or retirement.

2016 National Champions do not automatically qualify for the 2017 Championships.

Official confirmation of qualification can be obtained from the British Carriagedriving office.
All drivers who have qualified will be sent entry forms for the National Championships.

Please notify any errors to:

Could all organisers of National, regional and Novice Qualifier events please send their results to:
as soon as possible after the event, to allow us to keep the points leagues and Championships qualifiers up to date.