British Carriagedriving
Event Photographer Registration 2018

Anyone who wishes to take photographs or video footage at a National or Regional driving event or at the BC National Championships, from a vantage point outwith spectator areas, must comply with the Event Photographer Policy and register with British Carriagedriving.

You must read the BC Event photographer Policy document, including the Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment before completing this application.

Please complete this form to register as a photographer for the 2018 driving season.

  All blue boxes must be filled in
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Mobile phone number
Name to credit your photos
Your photo site
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Please indicate which events you are planning to attend in 2018

  Each registered photographer will be issued with a numbered hi-viz bib.

Hi-viz bib size required

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Tick to confirm you have read the BC Annual Event Photographer Policy and agree to follow the Code of Conduct.
I confirm that I hold public liability insurance and will ensure this remains current throughout the year. I agree to supply this to any event organiser on request.
I comply with the GDPR, effective 25th May 2018