British Carriagedriving

Registered Event Photographers

Anyone who wishes to take photographs or video footage at a National or Regional driving event or at the BC National Championships, from a vantage point outwith spectator areas, must comply with the Event Photographer Policy and register with British Carriagedriving.

Only registered photographers will be permitted to cross any barrier, tape or enter a restricted area at any time.

Event photographers registered for 2017
Amy Mundell   Email
Andy Campbell   Email
Barry Primrose   Email
Cathy Willis   Email
David Wagstaff-Myers   Email
Emrys Jones   Email    
Geoff Marston   Email
Gill Jones   Email    
Gillian Wyllie   Email   Facebook
Jane Wilson   Email    
John Lewis   Email
Liza Pern   Email    
Louise Cairns   Email
Mike Cheeseman           Email    
Neil Edminson   Email
Nina Edminson   Email
Martyn Willis   Email
Mary Kusin   Email    
Matt Drynan   Email    
Pamela Marston   Email
Paul Tester   Email
Ray Mundell   Email
Sara Jane Hayes   Email    
Sarah Radford   Email    
Sophie Beale   Email    
Steve Davis   Email
Val Fenton   Email   Facebook
Vic Kusin   Email    
Wendy Nix   Email    
Wullie Marr   Email    
         Commercial Policy
  • Photographers must register with the BC office to be on the ‘registered photographers’ list.

  • Registered photographers will be provided with a bib.

  • Only registered photographers will be permitted in restricted areas at any National or Regional event or at the BC National Championships.

  • Registered photographers will be required to provide media to BC free of charge for the purpose of promoting the sport of Horse Driving Trials. Any material so provided will be appropriately credited in a manner agreed

  • A list of all registered photographers will be published on the BC website with contact details and/or a link to their website as appropriate

  • The organisers of each National and Regional event will be free to appoint any registered photographer or photographers (but not other photographers) as the official photographer(s) for their event. Only the duly appointed official photographer(s) (who must be registered) will be permitted access to restricted areas.

Photographer registration

Photographer registrations for 2018  will be available shortly