15 March 2019

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Invitation to Join our



Alison Mastin-Moore

Unicorn Equestrian Trust, Stow on the Wold

Wednesday 10 April 2019    9.30am – 5pm (Coffee from 9.00am)

Our aim for the day

To have an informative action-packed training day with lots of interaction, ideas and demonstrations.

Alison Mastin-Moore

The introductory accolades are many and we list but a few!

  • Dressage List1 Judge who has officiated at the highest levels
  • FEI 5*Para Dressage Judge who has officiated at three Para Olympics
  • Talented Dressage Trainer. Her previous Driving experience with horses gives her an insight into applying ridden expertise to driving
  • Trained and worked with Robert Hall, Rosemary Springer, Karl Schultz, Gill Watson and Ferdi Eilberg

Alison thankfully turned her talents to the future by designing DRESSAGE TRAINING TAPES. These are being heralded by riders, trainers and Judges alike!

Most importantly Alison balances a deep understanding of training with immense empathy for horse and rider. Her insight into the requirements and her amazing ability to offer solutions to difficulties will be fascinating for us all to see.

She will access an exciting cross section of our members while gently shining a light on the clear pathways of training.

Our chance to see an exceptional trainer in action working with combinations of drivers and ponies we all know at different levels from Novice to Advanced.

Flash Training Sessions

During the afternoon we will have 20/30 minute sessions of ideas and observation specifically to stimulate more interest in all aspects of training and performance.

Each session will explain, demonstrate and analyze different topics.

On hand will be the rider and driver actively demonstrating under the guidance of the Pod Training Team consisting of:

Trainers - Alison Mastin-Moore, Robert Buck, Sara Howe, James Broome as well as advice from Vet - Anja Walker, Equine Physiotherapist - Hazel Potter, Sports Pyschologist - Nichola Kentzer, FEI Steward - Sue Squirrell.

The guidance group will add comments and value from their areas of expertise. Of course, contributions from the gallery will be encouraged as the value of understanding is key.

Practical Sessions


  • Lunge Work –Analysis of Constructive Lunging for pre-work and the value of training with poles.
  • Warm Up Routines – Ridden and driven simultaneously to accentuate similarity.
  • Transitions - Ridden and driven simultaneously demonstrating the importance and added value of this exercise when used either between or within the paces.
  • Canter – how to train canter, transitions and variations within the.
  • Rhythm, balance and swing through Obstacles.

Chat Sessions

These will include and be led by various members of the Guidance Group.


  • Training Ethics for the Thinking Driver, Maintenance Physiotherapy, Personal Team Dynamics
  • Practical Veterinary Practices
  • Questions and comments will be welcomed at the end of each FLASH SESSION

To reserve a place please contact:

Julie Camm - Westwind, Stone, Nr Berkeley, Glos, GL13 99LE
Tel. 07778931950  Email:


£15.00 plus £10.00 for tea/coffee and lunch. Pod Members FOC plus £10.00 for lunch.