BC Rulebook 2018 published
27 Feb 2018

by British Carriagedriving


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The newly updated British Carriagedriving Rulebook 2018 is now available.

Several new or updated rules come into force for this year's driving season.

BC Chairman, Chris Smith has outlined the most significant changes.

There are a number of important changes to our rule book this year. Some are purely domestic, but we have also adopted some of the rule changes made by the FEI to their rules.

This note sets out some of the major changes but, as always, I encourage everyone to make sure that they are familiar with all relevant rules.

No event official ever wants to penalise, still less eliminate, any athlete and the onus is on us, as competitors, to make sure that they do not need to.

  • Following the FEI rules, the penalty for not having a whip in hand at the beginning of dressage and cones (or for dropping the whip) is reduced from 10 to 5 penalties.

  • In order to try an encourage more athletes to progress form Novice to Intermediate, rule 955.6 has been amended to ensure that athletes will not be penalised for using marathon harness and three phase vehicles in the Intermediate class.

  • Article 939 has also been amended to permit the use of pneumatic tyres in all classes.

  • The rules relating to lap belts have been amended to allow para-equestrian drivers to be secured to their vehicles, provided suitable quick releases are incorporated. For all other athletes the position remains that being tied or secured to the vehicle will incur elimination.

  • The penalty for contravention of article 940.11.2 has been relaxed. If an ear hood is attached to the nose band, this will incur a yellow warning card unless the the contravention has affected the welfare of the horse or horses involved, in which case contravention will incur elimination.

  • On the question of progression, annex 16.4 has been amended such that Novice and Intermediate drivers who have won three national or regional events are only obliged to progress if 3 or more Athletes started those three events.

  • The rules relating to progression to international competition have also been simplified so as to remove the need to obtain approval from Council. The applicable criteria which must now be met are set out in annex 16, as is the new procedure for selecting athletes to receive invitations to compete at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

  • The rules for the Evolution class have been amended to confirm that pairs are permitted to enter. Separate classes for pairs may be run if entries justify this.

  • Annex 8 is amended to as to allow the oxer in the cones course to be crossed.

  • We have also adopted the FEI rule change that will allow event organisers to provide a designated warm up area (with a practice obstacle) in place of section A of the marathon competition..

  • Finally we have also adopted the FEI rule change which will allow grooms to speak and indicate the course during obstacle cone driving.

The rulebook is available to download as a 110 page PDF file, which you can keep on your computer or mobile device.

If you would like a printed version of the rulebook, you can order one at a cost of £6 for the plain cover version (as shown in the picture) or for £6.50 you can have it personalised with your name printed on the front cover.

To download or order a copy of the 2018 rulebook, please go to the BC Rulebook page  ►