Halspan Points League & Championships 2018
1 February 2018


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Introducing the Halspan Points League & Championship 2018

Hopetoun, Allerton, Raehills, Onley, Lowther and Bywell events are pleased to announce the launch of the northern based Halspan Points League and Championships.

This new competition is intended to encourage increased participation at events and give competitors a goal to aim for without the need to travel such huge distances to gain points.

Club competitors will for the first time be able to take part in a points league and championships outwith their own club. These competitors will not be required to pay start fees.

  • The Halspan Points League and Championships will be open to all International, Full, Associate and Young members of British Carriagedriving, as well as any driving member of a BC Affiliated club.

  • The classes will be Novice, Intermediate, Open Single, Advanced Single, Open Pairs, Advanced Pairs, Tandems & Four in Hand, with separate classes for Horses and Ponies. Individual events will decide if they are able to offer the full range of classes listed.

  • Participating events, where points can be obtained are: Hopetoun, Allerton, Raehills, Onley and Lowther. The best 3 scores from any of these events will count towards the Points League and the presentation of awards will be made at Bywell.

  • The Championship will be held at Bywell. Although Bywell is open to entries from anyone, only those competitors that have completed a minimum of two of the participating events will be eligible to be the champion of their class.

  • BC Affiliated Club Driving members wishing to compete in the League or Championships will have the same dressage test and speeds in the marathon and cones as the equivalent National or Regional class.

  • The number of obstacles driven by club competitors is at the discretion of the organiser.

  • Should the number of obstacles be different from the National or Regional classes the Points League Administrator will adjust the scores accordingly to ensure equality.

  • BC rules will apply throughout the competition.

Further information will be available on club websites in due course.

You may email the Halspan Points League Administrator for further information or clarification of participation and rules.

Halspan Points League events
Date Event Club Venue
25-27 May Hopetoun SCDA Hopetoun Estate, South Queensferry, Edinburgh. EH30 9SL
21-22 July Allerton Park NEDTL Allerton Park, Knaresborough. HG5 0SE
28-29 July Raehills SCDA Raehills, St Anns, Lockerbie. DG11 1HL
4-5 Aug Onley MC Onley Grounds Farm, Willoughby, Warwickshire CV23 8AH
10-12 Aug Lowther   Lowther, Penrith. CA10 2HG

Halspan Championship

 25-26 Aug Bywell Hall NEDTL Bywell, Near Stocksfield, Northumberland. NE43 7AB

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