Advanced Young Drivers training
with Boyd Exell

by Emily Viller


On the 20th and 21st of May 2017 the Advanced Young Drivers, a group of the top young drivers in Great Britain, met for training with Boyd Exell at Blandings Farm in Chippenham where we were kindly welcomed by Louise Andreasen.

The Saturday began with individual flatwork lessons in the morning. Everyone showed significant improvement.

This was my first opportunity to have a lesson with my current pony and I worked with Boyd to learn how to encourage him to work through from behind whilst others worked on other aspects of their horses’ way of going, such as paces.

We focused on cones during the afternoon, driving the course from Royal Windsor Horse Show, adapted to fit the arena used.

This allowed us to practice an international standard course and receive constructive criticism from the champion of the event himself.

That evening we all enjoyed relaxing and eating dinner together giving us all the chance to discuss our season so far as well as our plans for the remainder of the season.

The following morning featured more flatwork lessons allowing us to recap and build upon what we had learnt on the previous day. For the afternoon we had the option to have another flatwork lesson or train in obstacles.

I chose to do more flatwork but was lucky enough to groom for pony pair driver Tara Wilkinson meaning I still learnt a lot which will benefit me in my marathon driving.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekends training and learnt a lot. Not only from my own lessons, but from watching and grooming for others.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the next AYD training with Boyd in August.

Emily Viller




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