Driving Back to Sport open for applications
24 December 2011

After being awarded ?30,000 Sportmatch funding from Sport England to introduce 200 mature adults to carriage driving and sustain their interest long term, we are now delighted to open the project for applicants.

Anne Clarke, who is also a member of the BEF?s Regional Team, has been appointed Project Manager and has worked with Council members to set dates and secure venues. She is being assisted by Lucy Cooper, who is managing the administration. Our UKCC Coaches will be utilised to inspire new participants to learn and help turn ambitions, whether that is to compete or to become an official within the sport, into a reality.

The initiative will run over a course of 5 weeks, as full day sessions. The course will include driving ponies - building up to driving through cones and obstacles to interactive sessions/workshops ranging from basic horse care (for beginners), to how to harness up and how to build a cones course fit for a competition.

The first session will be FREE and then only 50 participants per region will be selected to go forward to the final 4 weeks. The course is heavily subsidised through Sport England funding, so we are able to offer it at a fantastic value (?74 for 4 weeks, full days) and this price will also include one year?s membership to The British Horse Driving Trials Association and also a year?s membership to the participant's local driving club.

At the end of the course each participant will receive a ?buddy?, perfectly matched for helping them reach their ultimate ambition ? so they can be supported on their journey within the sport of Horse Driving Trials.

All places at courses Essex, Devon, Nottinghamshire and Cheshire have now been taken.

For details of upcoming courses in Kent and Yorkshire, please email lucy@instinctivepr.co.uk