UKCC Update
25 October 2011

Congratulations to our new UKCC Level 3 Driving Coaches.

Three days of assessments at Ashfields, with national independent assessors from other equestrian sports, were seen as ?outstanding, breaking new ground, and of a quality the sport has to be proud?.

One assessor, directly involved with SportUk, was so impressed he reported back ?live? to the UKcc officials at headquarters. ?If this is what a small sport can achieve with minimal support, it shows what can be done. Amazing.?

Not only were the assessors impressed by the quality of the coaching but by the fact that the coaches worked so well together and were setting up interesting and exciting ways of creating learning opportunities, quite unlike anything else seen elsewhere.

It was good to hear that Driving got not just a good report but an excellent one.

BHDTA send our congratulations to: Angela Flanagan, Sara Howe, Anna Grayston, Sarah Jane Williams, Araminta Winn, Sue Mart, Jo Rennison and Wilf Bowman Ripley.

For more about the UKCC qualification and all our driving coaches, visit the TRAINING SECTION