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European Four-in-Hand Championships 2011
Breda, Netherlands

1-4 September 2011

The first FEI European Championship for Four in Hand since 1981 is being run by Outdoor Brabant at Breda, Netherlands. This has been organised at short notice after Budapest withdrew their candidacy.

Breda has been organizing the exclusive Nations Cup for Four in Hand in the Netherlands for many years and partly based upon the excellent organization of the FEI Para Equestrian World Driving Championships in 2010, the FEI European Championships this year were assigned to Breda.

The last European Championships for Four in Hand were held in 1981 in Zug, Switzerland, and was won by the Hungarian Gy?gy B?dos.

The FEI Open European Championships 2011 in Breda are open to European and non-European Four in Hand drivers. This competition will count as a qualifier for the FEI World Cup Four in Hand indoor, which will be held this winter. Only the European horsemen can claim the individual and team medals in Breda.

Besides the Four in Hand for horses, there are also the international pony and national pairs driving competitions at the estate of the Prinsenhoeve in Breda.

Team competitors

Pippa Bassett

Pippa Bassett (49) lives in the village of Newdigate in Surrey. She is a harness maker and saddler, but spends a lot of her time training. She is particularly gifted at encouraging young drivers and won a coveted award of recognition from Brockham Harness Club in 2011 for her work in this area.

She has been a successful Pony Team driver and has been competing on the continent since the early eighties.  She won a Bronze medal with her sister Karen and George Bowman in the British Team in 1994.

She was National Four-in-Hand Champion in 2007 and has competed at Royal Windsor as well as other international competitions.

She drives a team of Lipizzaner horses -  Favory XXVII, Kiraly NEAPOL X 25 6814, Neapolitano Nador, Vandor and Ziggy

Her grooms include her partner Matthew Harveson, Marilyn Clarke and over from New Zealand for experience this year is marketing editor Samantha Van De Sande.

Georgina Hunt

Georgina Hunt (43) lives in the same village of Newdigate in Surrey as Pippa Bassett. Georgina and Pippa are both daughters of fathers who were drivers and were founder members of the Brockham Harness Club. Georgina is a Pharmacist and is married with one daughter, Sophie.

Georgina won the very first European Pony Team Championship at Breda in 1995, winning Gold again consecutively in 1997 and 1999. She was 7 times National Pony Team Champion and now drives a team of warmbloods.

Her groom and right hand man is Matthew Green and his wife Veronica. Georgina's  horses are Guus, Rambo, Takerno, Waterreus and Winston.

Daniel Naprous

Daniel Naprous (34) started driving a pair in 2002 and then a four-in-hand team in 2006, first with Spanish horses and later with Lipizzaners, winning the Hopetoun national event last time out.

Daniel Naprous is a natural horseman and a talented stunt and trick rider. With Team Naprous and his own team of Lipizzaner horses, he is a horse team driver who is steadily improving, with increasingly better results in the UK competitions.

Daniel is a firm supporter of carriage driving in the UK and his only limitation to the speed of his success is his commitment to his professional work with The Devils Horsemen, a professional stunt and display team started by his father Gerard.

Daniel also works on many international films with a list of credits including working as horsemaster on the forthcoming Steven Spielberg film Warhorse this Christmas, as well as Troy, The King's Speech, Clash of the Titans many more. His skill on horseback has secured him many Film and T.V. roles, including the part of Amant in "First Knight" working alongside Richard Gere and Sean Connery.

Daniel is married to Lucy and has a 3 year old son Felix. His grooms are very much part of the team. They are Mathew Crook and Tabitha Buchholz. His horses are Amigo, Don Bence, Hootch, Maestoso Mefisto, Rialto Fav Claricia and Zafir.

Individual entry

Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson has been driving Horse Teams for seven years and was a member of The British Team at Aachen this year.

He quotes his first place in Dressage at Saumur in 2008 as one of his best results.

Robert is 49 and married with 3 girls. He is a businessman and extremely busy as a result. He relies on his Coachman Andrew Williams, a successful FEI driver in his own right, to manage his team.

Robert also enjoys skiing and shooting as other hobbies.

Robert's horses will be Clinton Star, Vizier and Zorro.


Support team

Simon Heath - Chef d'Equipe

Simon (48) is an Airport Manager and Trainer at Gatwick Airport, where he has worked for 24 years. He has been involved in Carriage Driving since 1976 and grew up with Karen and Pippa Bassett. He began commentating to assist Andrew Cowdery in 1992 at Drumlanrig Castle and has back stepped for many competitors. He has been taught to drive by Pippa and Ben Grose, with an ambition to compete in FEI when time allows . He was Georgina's horsebox driver at her first Gold medal in the Pony Team European Championships that were held at Breda.  That was a fantastic team effort and a great moment and he hopes bodes well for the British Team at this Championships.

Simon enjoys flying and he is also a member of The Road Club and Health and Safety Officer for The Coaching Club.