Dame Kelly Holmes will be the guest speaker
at this year's BHDTA Conference.

BHDTA Conference 2011


Over recent years the Annual Conference has been reasonably well attended but Council would like to hear your views on the format and content of your conference, in order to produce a programme which is stimulating while giving an opportunity for more dialogue between members and Council.


  • Sessions for all from 10am so that people are not coming for just a 2 to 3 hour session in the afternoon.
  • Special interest groups to be added to the current ones: clubs, International & Stewards.
  • Networking & interest fair. Allocation of areas to groups and members circulating.
  • Should awards be made at the Conference and not in the evening?
  • Domestic arrangements to give everybody the opportunity for coffee & lunch. Perhaps included in an overall package.

Possible agenda:

10.00 am  Specialist meetings/workshops
11.30 am  Networking & ideas fair
12.30 pm  Lunch
  1.30 pm  Guest speaker
  2.00 pm  AGM
  2.15 pm  BHDTA Reports
  3.15 pm  Plenary discussion-structured around reports & members issues
  4.30 pm  Summary session

The Conference will take place on 15 October 2011 in Kegworth, Derbyshire.

We would like your responses & suggestions to this paper either through the discussion Forum or direct e-mail to barryhilditch@janton.demon.co.uk or Mike Watts m@mikewatts.com