2009 Easter Clinic at the Unicorn Trust

27 Young Drivers, ranging in ages from 8 to 20 years and including 6 newcomers, attended the recent Easter Clinic at the Unicorn Trust which was generously sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds. A special demonstration, by Gillian Higgins of Horses Inside Out, was sponsored by the Unicorn Trust for the young drivers to learn about the skeleton structure by painting the bones on their ponies. Sara Howe, Anna Grayston, Carol Boswell and Anna Sadler were the instructors.

Junior Clinic at Unicorn - Easter 2009
by Jay Snow

This was my fifth Easter camp at Unicorn. My sister Fleur and I go every year and the whole family looks forward to it. The instructors are very friendly and get you driving better straight away.

This year we had two sessions with an instructor every day to work on our dressage, cones and obstacles. Then on the last day there was a competition and prizes not just for the winners but for the most improved, the best newcomer and even the pony the instructors most wanted to take home.

Every Easter clinic we learn something new. This time it was how a horse moves. We spent an afternoon painting bones on some patient ponies who stood still for hours. Then we watched how the bones moved when the ponies were walked and driven. Knowing what's going on under a pony's skin will help us drive them better. Last year we learned about how to feed our ponies to get them performing better. Our sponsor, Baileys, sent a nutritionist to advise us and everyone had lots of questions.

There's always lots of fun at Unicorn too. It's good to meet up with old friends and make new ones. There's always someone to talk to and play with. And if you like food there's a very good cook (Fran's brownies are excellent). And on the last night there are team games where everyone joins in.

I'm already looking forward to next year's Easter clinic but before that it's summer camp at Ashfields and that will be great too.

Jay Snow, Age 10   



Click on the photo for a larger picture. The horse is called Kevin who likes to help out on these occasions (and he doesn?t know he?s plastic)

Kirsty Thompson-Dowes, aged 10 years, driving Lightning.

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