Para-equestrian Drivers Take on the Eggheads
28 March 2009

In a program to be televised in June a team from the Para-equestrian Drivers take on the might of the Eggheads in the popular BBC2 program.

The team, consisting of Terry Kirby (Capt.), Heather Clarke, James Marshall, Lynsey Tyas, Margaret Lupton and reserve Rowena Coldwell, had to audition in Leeds to be selected to go up against the Eggheads at the BBC television centre in London. Unfortunately because of the bad weather, Margaret and Lynsey couldn?t make the audition, so had to do a general knowledge quiz with the production team over the phone. After a liquid lunch the 4 that went to Leeds beat a team of lawyers and a pub team in a mock competition. A week later they where told they had made it onto the show.

The time spent at the BBC was really good, having to get clothes checked by wardrobe and then being made up in makeup. Sound checks and instructions out of the way, it was time to meet the Eggheads. They were lovely to talk too and really made the team feel at ease. During the show the team were able to explain about Horse Driving Trials and the Carriage Driving Sports Group.

Because the program is pre-recorded the team had to sign a confidentiality form preventing them from disclosing the result.

Terry Kirby

The transmission date for this show is Friday 15th January 2010 at 6pm on BBC2.