Notes for competitors

A few briefing notes for Competitors who are entering the CAI-B at Sandringham at the end of June.

No FEI Passports are required for Competitors from the Host Nation, however all horses must comply with the FEI Vaccination Regulations (within the 6 month period )

All Horses and the Competitor must be registered with the FEI. This registration is required annually and is done through the BHDTA office. The forms can be downloaded for our REFERENCE section. The charge is ?15.00 per Horse and per Competitor. Thus a Single Horse Competitor will pay ?30 and a Four in Hand Competitor with 5 Horses will pay ?90.

All Competitors are advised to read the FEI Schedule for the Event, to assure themselves that they are aware of procedures and the times that Inspections happen.

The First Inspection will be on Thursday at 1.00pm: all those entered in the FEI Classes must have their Horses inspected at this time; there will be no further Inspections, so do not be late. The Final Observation will take place 30 minutes before the Obstacle Cones Driving on Sunday.

A full set of Competitor Briefing notes will be sent out with the paperwork just before the Event, to facilitate Competitors arrival.

Further Information can be obtained from the BHDTA Office.