Access Week announced by The British Horse Society

BHS staff and volunteers will be raising awareness, money and membership during its 2009 Access Week, which runs from 15-25 May.

Access Week is a celebration of the hard work and determination of all those involved in claiming, researching, promoting and maintaining bridleroutes around the country, a chance to raise the profile and membership of BHS Affiliated Bridleway Groups and acts as a focus for BHS campaigning in respect of the provision of more safe and easily accessible off-road riding throughout the country.

During Access Week, the BHS also presents awards to nominated individuals or organisations that have made a significant contribution to any aspect of Rights of Way work.

The BHS?s Senior Executive for Access, Heather Holmes, said: ?Awareness of our vital, hard and thankfully successful work is key to the future of our increasing network of safe off-road equestrian routes. By encouraging people to spread the word about what we do and involving people locally, we can do much more work, in more areas, to the benefit of more horses and riders.

?Funding is a crucial part of our work, hence our aim to boost the Access Fighting Fund in this Access Week. Could you raise ?50 to help us protect your rights for the future? Why not help to make a difference where you live today and get in touch??

BHS Director of Access, Safety and Welfare, Mark Weston, added: ?We would like to encourage every rider to become involved in protecting their equestrian rights of way and to work with us in creating new routes.

?Our Access and Bridleway Officers? work, fighting on behalf of every rider, is outstanding, but it is an ongoing fight. If more equestrians join us in our work it will help to provide a legacy for future equestrians who will want to access safe off-road riding in years to come.?

Anyone who would like to get involved with any aspect of Access Week ? fun rides, campaigning, joining a bridleways group, volunteering or making an award ? should contact the BHS Access Department on 01926 707813.

For further information please contact Hannah Brown on 01926 707813, or email