British Equestrian Federation
16th December 2008

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) is a Government funded multi-million pound scheme that is in its fifth year of operation for Equestrian Sport in England. The overall aim of TASS is to assist Great Britain?s most talented young athletes, who wish to optimise the effectiveness of their sport and their academic programmes.

TASS provides an opportunity for equestrian athletes to take advantage of support that will propel them towards success on the world stage, whilst ensuring that they can fulfil their academic potential alongside their sporting ambitions. This system is driven through partnerships working between Higher Education Institutions, Further Education Colleges, National Governing Bodies of Sport (in this case the British Equestrian Federation)  and other sports organisations.

From the twenty-two TASS Scholarships that were awarded to able-bodied equestrian athletes, five of these were to the discipline of driving. They will provide Rosanne Walters-Symons, Roger and Frank Campbell, Katie and Mark Bell not only with financial assistance, but also the confidence and status of being formally recognised by their National Governing Body and UK Sport as a talented individual with a bright future in their chosen equestrian discipline. This forms an important stepping stone between the SportsAid Scheme and the World Class Development Programme.

Sarah Armstrong, World Class Project Manager said, ?These equestrian athletes who have been awarded TASS Scholarships must feel a real sense of achievement, as due to a re-allocation of funding there was a restriction on TASS Scholarships being made available for equestrian athletes in 2008/09, and I hope this funding will assist them, not only in their sporting success, but also in their academic ambitions?.

For a full list of the successful TASS equestrian athletes, please go to the BEF website. www.bef.co.uk