BHDTA Alternative Awards 2008

This is your chance to recognise people, organisers, events and suppliers who through 2008 have helped to make your sport what it is ? a great spectacle, even when it's wet!

The categories for this year's awards - and some ideas to help get you started - are below. These are only the writer's examples, just to give you the idea of the sort things to consider, but please feel free to put your own thoughts down, along with a brief reason as to why your suggestion would be a worthy winner.

The small print:

  1. you can make one nomination in each category
  2. members AND non members can vote
  3. you can use the ideas given in each category or make a fresh nomination
  4. other than that, there are no rules, apart from
  5. the judges' decision is final!

What to do next:


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Please, please, please get involved, take part ? and come along to the party ? it is your final chance to celebrate the success of Carriage Driving in 2008!

Alternative Awards Nominations
Carriage Driving Sports Personality of the Year
Who is your "Personality of the Year"? Who has earned your admiration this year above all others?
(you may nominate others)
George Bowman. One of the cornerstones of competitive carriage driving and at 74 years old, he can still take on the world and land a bronze medal position after dressage. Arguably the most natural horseman and whip in Britain. 19 times national champion and having competed in every world championships since 1974, he has led the British team to one gold and three bronze medals. Quite a record!
  Karen Bassett Girl power at its most talented ? passionate, skilled and determined. She has represented Britain at six world championships, and is the World's leading lady four-in-hand driver.
  Jill Holah One of the hardest working organisers in Horse Driving Trials ? entries secretary of Sandringham and Catton, and full organisational secretary the National Carriage Driving Championships, as well as Chef d'Equipe for the Combined Ponies. No detail is left to chance under Jill's watchful eye!
Your nomination for Carriage Driving Sports Personality of the Year:
Why ?
Carriage Driving Supplier of the Year
Who has supported you with providing last minute equipment and supplies, quality harness or carriages? Who is always there to help you out in your hour of need?
(you may nominate others)
Jack in a Box (always on site with the things you need, and a smile)
  Bennington (outstanding service and professionalism)
  Fenix (awesome traditional craftsmanship)
  WBR Carriages (cost effective quality)
Your nomination for Carriage Driving Supplier of the Year:
Why ?
Team of the Year
Recognising the "team" you have admired this year. It could be an organising committee or group of people; a club; one of our 2008 World Championship Squads or perhaps a carriage driving team who has inspired you in some way.
(you may nominate others)
East Anglian Carriage Driving Group (relaxed and approachable style which encourages participation, competition, training and fun)
  Ashfields Carriage Driving Centre (generosity in providing great facilities in a relaxed atmosphere for individuals and teams to regularly train at)
  Brockham Harness Club (energy and organisation of outstanding innovative events like Borde Hill and SOECDF)
  Para Equestrian World Squad (an all round superb team attitude ? proud people who make Britain Great)
Your nomination for Team of the Year:
Why ?
That Was The Moment ?
What was the moment that made you smile, laugh, cry. What has sent tingles down your spine or left you open mouthed in awe of the skill? Or, may be it's a moment of foot (or hoof) in mouth - a bloomer that had you rolling on the floor hysterically.
(you may nominate others)
George Bowman's superb dressage test at the 2008 World Championships
  Boyd Exell's You-Tube magic moment from Aachen
  Julie Camm's first International win at Saumur
  Steph and Shaun Byrne's mutual ability to ?lose? their back-steppers from the back-step!
Your nomination for That Was The Moment ?
Why ?
Driving Event of the Year
What event gave you the most entertainment, enjoyment and fun through the year? It might have been an indoor event, an outdoor event, club, national or perhaps a show.
(you may nominate others)
South of England Carriage Driving Fair
  Erddig National Driving Trials
  National Carriage Driving Championships, Windsor
  Indoor Finals
Your nomination for Driving Event of the Year
Why ?
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