Royal Windsor Driving Grand Prix 2009

Statement by BHDTA Chairman, issued on 8th October 2008:

We have now received a copy of a letter from Royal Windsor Horse Show, explaining the reasons why Pony Pairs and Singles cannot be invited in 2009, which was unfortunately lost in the post earlier.

The RWHS committee have explained that the invitations for May 2009 will be for an FEI World Cup Qualifier for Horse Fours, a CAIP-A for Pony Fours and a CAI-A for Horse Pairs.

They believe that they will get more Horse Fours competing in 2009 and this, coupled with the fact that the Local Authority have planted some 2000 saplings and fenced them off, thereby restricting the parking space for horse boxes and officials' caravans, means that there will be insufficient space to accommodate any other classes.