Frank Campbell wins at Lassigny
20 May 2008

Britain's Young Driver Frank Campbell went to Lassigny, France on May 17-18 to compete in the Channel Cup, a pony competition for junior drivers aged 8-18. In the past it has been for French and Belgium drivers only but it was opened to GB this year following the inclusion of a French competitor at our Junior National Championships last September.

Sara Howe kindly came to the event in her capacity as Chef d'Equipe for the team going to the Junior World trophy in July to see how the format ran. She got some hands on practice as chef for Frank at the event and kept us all in order. She also brought some friends who helped to bring the total headcount to 7 for GB, although the cheering matched that of the French and Belgium supporters combined.

There were 14 French and 10 Belgian entries, split into different 2 year age groups. Despite a very wet Friday night with thunder and lightening thrown in as well, the weather was fine and warm for Saturday. On the Sunday it felt sub-arctic in contrast, but the arenas held up well providing firm footing for the ponies.

Frank, driving his sister?s pony Chess, won the dressage with a 31.6 in his class. He kept his nerve to get a double clear in the combined cones and marathon phase, having second fastest obstacle times. In the final phase cones driving, he had another double clear to leave him in first place overall as well as being reserve supreme champion.

Thanks to all involved for a very successful weekend.