ATV passes
May 2008

It has been decided by Council that ATV passes will no longer be issued to competitors wishing to take their quad bikes or scooters to events. The previous system was virtually impossible to police and the office, not being a trained insurance agent, found it difficult to establish if someone?s household insurance or policy for a tractor covered the vehicle adequately.

Unless an event organiser specifically states otherwise, these vehicles can still be used freely at events. The main difference is that the burden of responsibility for insurance now falls onto the competitor. The owner or driver of the vehicle will be fully responsible in the event of an accident. Please make sure you have adequate cover for these machines and ride them sensibly; phone the office if you have any queries. It is recommended that hard hats are worn at all times and passengers are only carried if the bike is designed to carry them.

Passes for competitors with disabilities will still be issued. These passes do not confer any insurance cover on the owner/driver of the vehicle and competitors remain responsible for obtaining their own cover. These passes will merely entitle the competitor to use their machine in the obstacles and on the cones course.

Please contact the BHDTA office for more information.