27 February 2007

Report of the Joint Working Party Council and Club Liaison Group

The Working Party met on February 2nd to consider reactions to the proposals put forward in December and went on to outline a procedure for elections and to establish a clear timeline for further consultation.

The need for elected Regional Representatives has been generally accepted and the following procedure should be adopted for their election.

  • In November/December the current Representative to invite nominations from clubs in their region.
  • Voting papers to be sent out by clubs to voting members, in January/February.
  • Papers to be returned to club secretaries by the end of March and forwarded to the Regional Representative.
  • Elected Regional Representatives to meet in April and to elect a member to be appointed to Council for a two-year period. A second person to be elected in the following year.
  • The current Council would be increased by two.

The suggested timescale for implementation of these proposals is;

  • Discussion at AGM in May.
  • Discussion with clubs over the summer.
  • Discussion and comments at Members Conference in October.
  • Final proposals put to EGM in November.
  • Election process to start immediately in order that the process is completed in time for the BHDTA AGM in 2008.

If you wish to discuss these proposals please contact the Chair of the Working Party: Barry Hilditch, 01924 848951 barryhilditch@janton.demon.co.uk


Please email any enquiries to: bhdta@horsedrivingtrials.co.uk or telephone: 02476 419 078