British Young Drivers' clinic with Mark Broadbent
19th - 20th of May 2007

Nine budding young drivers of all experience descended on Fenix carriages in Devon for a training weekend of training with a difference. Mark had kindly opened his facilities for practical and theoretical training concentrating on both modern driving and some of driving's amazing history. Saturdays Focus was individual assessment and improvement in our chosen areas of weakness; this was possible due to marks excellent facilities. Students also had a starter talk on the patented Mark Broadbent circle method, also what the judge is looking for. On reflection this seemed very logical as the best way to get a good score is to please the judge.

The evening's activities consisted of a tour around the Fenix carriage works which was very interesting because Mark makes both traditional and modern carriages so we were able to see some rare original technology used for making traditional carriages. We were also given a spring making demonstration by Marks in house spring maker Peter. We all found this very interesting as it is not a common skill. We ended the tour in the coach house where we were shown the incredible workmanship and detail on his coaches and Park Drag.

Sunday was spent with a lesson on harnessing horses in Full Collars and going for a road trip on the road coach "Lorna Doone" which was specially built for the Devon Hills as can be seen in it's design. Everyone thought that it was a unique and fantastic experience and we thank Mark for giving us the opportunity. I would also like to thank Mary Jane for cooking us all a lovely meal on Saturday night. Finally keep yours eyes peeled as I will be running more clinics with Mark as soon as he can find a space in his packed diary.

Frank Campbell