Ashfields Summer Camp
24-26 July 2007

What an enjoyable week, a combination of learning and fun. I was kindly lent an enormous horse, by Mary Jane Campbell, called Gypsy (16.2hh) to drive for the duration of the camp. This was a slight difference to the pony I normally drive who is a tiny Shetland. Gypsy was great and really looked after me. Very quickly I felt like I'd been driving him for ages.

Luckily it only really rained for the first night and then it was mainly sunny with a few showers, so compared to the rest of the country we were very fortunate. Must have been arranged by E.A.C.D.G. and their connections with him up there.

The standard of teaching was extremely high as usual, with Georgina Frith, Susan Skeggs and Minta Winn the instructors for the week. Each lesson was tailored to the individual persons needs. The chance to take some exams were offered and I managed to pass my BDS 1, which I have been wanting to do for ages. There were some interesting talks in the evening as well as a fun quiz and videos of all of us driving, to comment on whilst eating.

The food was great, thank you to those that kept us so well fuelled. On Wednesday evening there was a very competitive rounders match with only a few people who knew the rules, so the was lots of cheating going on as usual! A great big thank you to Zoe and Wilf for providing such a wonderful venue and anyone else who helped us to benefit from the training. All the young drivers are grateful for the opportunity to improve our driving skills.

Amber O'Neill