Stolen Carriages recovered
14 July 2007

Carriages reported stolen on the BHDTA website in 2005 have been recovered by police.

The Police in Northern Ireland have recovered two of the three carriages that I were stolen from Buckinghamshire 2 years ago - in July 2005.

The original stolen vehicle item, as shown on our website is reproduced below. The two vehicles recovered are the Bennington (top picture) and the Robert Smith Phaeton (bottom). Still missing is the Hallingbury four wheel marathon carriage.

These vehicles were found in Ireland and it is highly possible that the missing vehicle is there as well. We suspect that all three vehicles were taken over from Leeds/Bradford area and have been in storage for some time to let the heat die down before they tried to move them on.

The original owner was alerted because the Bennington vehicle was advertised on Ebay !

The remaining stolen vehicle is a Hallingbury four wheel marathon vehicle, black with small red lines ( four seats two front two back - two back seats face each other), hydraulic brakes all round, fit up to 14 - 15hh - Tilbury shafts in silver paint. Serial number stamped into metal frame between the wheels on the drivers side 02/2/01/1/W/3781 and the Hallingbury name is stamped on the axle caps

Please if you see this vehicle or are offered it, contact Thames Valley Police on 0845 8505 505 and quote the Crime Report number AG8655166/05 - URN 158724/7/05.

July 2005

We would be very grateful if you could assist with the recovery of the following horse drawn vehicles which were stolen from Buckinghamshire on the evening of Sunday 24th July 2005.

Bennington Back Step Competition Vehicle (2 wheels) (back step has been left behind so it is missing this important part) black paint. Serial number is 6946

Hallingbury four wheel marathon/competition vehicle black with small red lines ( four seats two front two back - two back seats face each other) PIN NUMBER IS 02/2/01/1/W/3781

A Robert Smith's of Quebec Canada 4 wheel Phaeton carriage, black and burgundy paintwork has red and yellow line work and burgundy seats (4 seats - two front, two back) This vehicle has damage to the mud guards on the driver's side but the replacement mud guards and hubs were also stolen, so I guess they will repair it before trying to move it on. Serial Number unknown.

Also stolen was a small black (old) car transporter with rubber mat across the deck and a hand winch on the front and upright ramps on the back, serial number unknown.

Please if you hear of any of the above items being offered for sale through your publications or your auction sites then contact Joanne Taylor on 01296 712295 or 07850 326487 or call Thames Valley Police on 0845 8505 505 and quote crime report number AG8655166/05 - URN 158724/7/05