BHDTA Club Liaison
14 July 2007

BHDTA Council/Club Liaison Joint Working Party

At their meeting on June 12th, the Working Party considered reaction to the proposals for the election of Regional Representatives and the subsequent election of two of the representatives to BHDTA Council.

As there had been little opposition the group then produced detailed procedures for the basis for the elections. The details are given below.

The proposals will be circulated to all clubs for consideration and put to the BHDTA Annual Conference in October. If the proposals are agreed to, they would then be put to an EGM in November for ratification.

Proposals for Election of Regional Representatives to Council

1. In November 2007 the BHDTA Office, when circulating Clubs with their affiliation documents, will include a nomination form for Regional Representatives. This would include a list of the Clubs in the Area, a job specification for the Regional Representative and explain the voting procedure to be followed in the event of there being more than one nomination in an Area.

2. In the event that there is more than one nomination in any area, then in January the Clubs in the specific Area will be sent a standard voting paper for them to circulate to their members with a pre-addressed label for the voting paper to be returned to a scrutineer (to be appointed by BHDTA Council), and with the instruction that voting will be carried out on the same basis as voting within the Club. There will be only one vote per member, and members belonging to more than one Club will have to nominate the Club for which they are voting. The scrutineer will be able to check this. Clubs will be advised that if they do not intend to affiliate, they will not be entitled to vote.

3. Voting papers to be returned to the scrutineer before April. The existing Chairman of The Liaison Committee will then call a meeting of the new Regional Representatives who will then appoint a Chairman and the Council Member.

4. In the first year, one Regional Representative would be elected to Council as a full member of Council for a two year period, with general Council responsibilities, but with specific responsibilities for the Clubs. In the second year they would elect a second full member for a two year period. Thereafter they will elect one member per year to replace the retiring member. The retiring member to be eligible for re-election.

5. Those members elected to Council in this way will be additional to the existing Council.

6. The appointed Council Member will then be ratified at the BHDTA AGM

7. Any Regional Representative elected to Council by the Regional Representatives would be eligible to stand for election by the full BHDTA Membership, but in the event of his being elected in this way would immediately resign his/her election from the Regional Representatives.

8. The Regional Representatives would then be responsible for communication with the Clubs by way of the elected Club Chairmen and/or Secretaries. They should have responsibility for co-ordinating dates not only within their area, but also within the adjoining areas, local training and other issues raised by the Clubs.

Comments & observations are welcomed and should be made to the Working Party Chairman Barry Hilditch:  Tel: 01924 848951


Please email any enquiries to: or telephone: 02476 419 078