Combined Pony Championships ? Selection Process
Statement by BHDTA Council

After winning the bronze team medal at the last Championships, the British pony drivers were fired up to improve on this result in the next championship. They realised that because the team scoring system in championships takes the best score from each class in each phase (i.e. best Dressage of the two singles, best from the pairs, best from the fours etc), the winning team is not necessarily composed of the best overall drivers, but often of drivers with particular strengths in specific areas, although all drivers obviously have to be very competent at all the phases.

With this in mind, the drivers themselves decided (by a large majority) to ask the BHDTA to allow them to revert to the system of having a selection committee for the 2007 Championships in Denmark and not use the ?first past the post? system.

They asked the BHDTA Council to approve a selection process that would have Jill Holah, Sydney Smith and Lisa Wood as selectors, with selection events in 2006 and 2007. This was approved and all three accepted the responsibility.

The selectors have repeatedly reminded the competitors that the process was not ?first past the post? and that it was the drivers themselves, not the BHDTA Council, who had opted to adopt this selection process.

At Farleigh, all the ponies were ?trotted up? in front of an experienced vet and all were passed fit, and the competitors were given training in how to ?trot up? to their pony?s best advantage. An important part of International Competition.

We congratulate the selectors in carrying out this extremely onerous task so conscientiously.

Statement issued by BHDTA on 14 June 2007 at 11 am.