Vehicle wheel width measurement
A statement by the BHDTA Council

An incident that occurred at the 2006 National Championships, still seems to be arousing a great deal of discussion on various internet Forums.

The facts were as follows:-

A Competitor in the Novice Class was found by stewards to have a Carriage that was not 138 cm at the Driven Dressage. The Technical Delegate was summoned to verify this and it was agreed that the Carriage was undersize.

Immediately this happened other Competitors were seen quickly disappearing in the direction of the Stables, obviously to rectify similar problems.

The Technical Delegate, seeing this and also taking into account that the Competitor had gained ?no advantage? told the Competitor that this must never happen again and, after referral to the President of Jury, he would not be Eliminated.

The matter was immediately referred to the President of Jury who concurred and, as his decision is final, that was the end of the affair.

BHDTA,  18 June 2007