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Jeff Liles cards
2 February 2007


For many years Jeff Liles has produced amusing cartoon cards and ink drawings for family and friends.

He has been very generous with his Christmas Card drawings in aid of the Combined Pony Fund, and has also created some 'bespoke' cards for the BHDTA and Lord Onslow.

He is now making this available to a wider public by launching the 'Carriage Driving Collection' on his website www.jeffliles.com.

The collection starts with a quirky look at today's leisure driving, included are 'occasion' designs for learner drivers, weddings, get well and retirement and will soon be extended to include Driving Trials and the other driving disciplines.

The 'Support Team GB' page on his website displays 2 packs of 4 greeting cards designed specifically for driving trials, "Sheet Remarks" and "All Groom and Doom". The proceeds from the sale of these packs will go to the BHDTA, initially for Dorthealyst then for the pairs in Poland.

They are for sale through the website but also there will be a stand at The South of England Carriage Driving Fair on 11th March and then a fortnight later at the Indoor Finals at Keysoe.

The Carriage Driving Collection will be joined by collections of Eventing, Showjumping, Dressage, Polo, Racing - the possibilities are endless!