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Report of the Club Affiliation Working Party

The Working Party that was set up at the Annual Conference to consider Club Affiliation and the Regional Structure met on Sunday 10th December.

5 Regional Representatives and 5 members of Council attended. Since the conference Barry Hilditch, Regional representative for the North, has been asked by Council to Chair the Working Party in recognition of his active involvement at both club and national level.

It was agreed that the following proposal be put for discussion to Clubs and Council;

  • The election of the regional representatives was essential.
  • That every full member of a club (a person with voting rights) within the region would be able to vote.
  • A database of club members should be established to enable one person one-vote to be monitored.
  • A person standing for election would have to be a full or associate member of BHDTA.
  • Regional representatives would be responsible for communication between clubs, to co-ordinate event dates, local training and to deal with issues raised by the clubs.

The Regional Representatives Committee would appoint one of their number to be on Council as a full member for a two-year period, with general Council responsibilities, but with specific responsibilities for the clubs. In the second year a further person would be appointed to Council for two years. Thereafter they would appoint one member per year to replace people who have served for two years.

These proposals will be open for discussion, with the Working Party meeting again on February 2nd in order to consider any comments and to continue with their task of reviewing the links between clubs and BHDTA.

Please feel free to contact the Chair of the Working Party: Barry Hilditch, 01924 848951 barryhilditch@janton.demon.co.uk